5 characters we'd be terrified to see join Street Fighter 5

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • November 8, 2019 at 7:30 p.m. PST | Comments: 113

Street Fighter 5 is set to see new content and characters revealed next weekend at the Capcom Pro Tour North American Regional Finals and again at Capcom Cup in December. As we draw closer to the end of the year and these announcements, we continue to wonder and speculate on what might be up ahead for Capcom's mainstay fighting title.

Throughout the course of 2019, we've heard numerous rumors about which characters might join the roster as DLC. While we don't know who is actually going to be added to the game, what we do know is that there are several characters that we'd be terrified to see make it into Street Fighter 5.

It's no secret that Street Fighter 5 is a game that encourages offensive play. Not only is up-close pressure a major component to the meta, but this installment in the classic fighting game franchise heavily rewards and punishes commitment.

With this in mind, there are a handful of characters that would likely transition very well into the world of Street Fighter 5 and instantly become major threats due to the effectiveness of their offensive tools.

Here are the five characters we'd be most afraid of facing if they made the cut.


First appearing as a newcomer in Street Fighter 4, Abel is a grappler-style character who hails from France and is a failed body replacement for M. Bison. His toolset includes powerful command throws, rolls that can evade attacks, and strong anti-airs that either set up combos or give him okizeme.

Back in the Street Fighter 4 series, Abel was a character that could quickly melt the opponent's life bar if they happened to guess wrong a few times. His left/right mix ups using rolls and his ability to quickly close the distance with his step kick made him incredibly scary once he got his momentum going.

If he were to be brought over to Street Fighter 5 and retained most of his key tools, there's no doubt that Abel would make life a living hell for those facing him and would likely rob you of victory with even fewer incorrect guesses.

C. Viper

Another of Street Fighter 4's alum, C. Viper is a mother / undercover CIA agent who battles using various gadgets. Viper is a character that Street Fighter 4 players used to say belonged in the Marvel vs. Capcom series before she eventually went on to join the Marvel vs. Capcom 3 roster.

With super jumps, a ground pound, and high-flying flame kicks, Viper's offense is among the scariest out there. She deals big damage through extended combos, and is notorious for steamrolling players with left/right flame kick mix ups and insane pressure.

In Street Fighter 5, I can only imagine the Rashid-level mobility and control over the match she would have, especially for those who took the time to master her highly-technical playstyle. I fear the thought of being knocked down in the corner against a Street Fighter 5 version of C. Viper.


One of the best characters in Street Fighter 3 Third Strike and one who wreaked havoc in the Street Fighter 4 series, Yun is another character who would undoubtedly be terrifying in the world of Street Fighter 5.

Yun is quick and nimble, using dive kicks and shoulder tackles to move about the screen at will. Couple his mobility with a command throw that opens the opponent up for a combo, great normals, and a super (Genei-Jin) that would make for a really scary V-Trigger and you've got a perfect candidate for this list.

Oh, and not to give you nightmares, but... imagine Yun's EX Rush Punch being safe on block, cancellable into V-Trigger, and can be combo-ed after if it hits...


In a game like Street Fighter 5 where whiffing a Dragon Punch can mean the end of the round for you, characters with speed and the ability to change their jump arc can be mighty frightening. Enter Rufus.

Another main Street Fighter 4 series character, the portly, but agile, American has an incredible dive kick, long-reaching normals, great anti-air options, an EX reversal, and ways through projectiles. Similar to Yun, just thinking about the amount of pressure this character would be able to apply in a game like Street Fighter 5 makes me shiver.

His design alone would fit well into Street Fighter 5, and if he is coupled with at least one strong V-Trigger he could easily be among the most devastating characters in the game.


While I don't have these characters listed in any particular order of scariest, I think Street Fighter 3 Third Strike's own Makoto might be the most terrifying of all. An absolute powerhouse that can make you pay dearly for a single slip up, Makoto might be the best fit for Street Fighter 5 of the aforementioned lot.

Not only does Makoto have hard-hitting juggle combos, she also has an incredible forward dash that travels far and travels fast. Mixing up her beefy normals with a command throw that opens the opponent up for a combo gives you the makings of a pure Street Fighter 5 robbery character.

I can already picture Makoto landing a bread and butter combo anywhere on screen, dashing up, then mixing up with a meaty standing medium punch or command throw. Do you hear that? That's the sound of my LP going down...

Which characters would you be most afraid to see added to Street Fighter 5? Let us know in the comments below.

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