Capcom aims to 'lock down' new Street Fighter 5 content for much of 2020 after November and December announcements says Yoshinori Ono

Hopefully they'll be coming back with more after the Intel World Open

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Street Fighter 5 has been out in the wild for almost four whole years now while receiving steady streams of new characters and updates, but that may be slowing down in the coming year according to the series' executive producer.

Yoshinori Ono recently sat down with the folks at Eurogamer to discuss where Street Fighter 5 stands right now and where it will end up in the future. The Intel World Open is shaping up to be a big endeavor for the team next year though it apparently also means SF5 won't see any big updates or additional releases for much of 2020.

The article insinuates that the online qualifiers for the Intel World Open will be run through SF5's upcoming Tournament Mode where Ono shed some more light on how big they're planning to make it.

"I can't really go into details [but] the main thrust will be this additional mode," said Ono via Eurogamer. "At the moment we have group tournament - it's about eight people that can be invited to a lobby. This new mode will blow that out of the water in terms of scale. We're still working out details in the beta, but it'll certainly be dozens, hundreds of people that can take part in a tournament at the same time. We're fine-tuning that and that'll be ready in the coming months."

Martin Robinson of Eurogamer then pushed Ono a little further asking the producer if this was the lead in to another "big refresh" for SF5 to which he actually responds in the negative.

"Not so much; it's just the addition of this new feature," replied Ono. "Maybe when I say big update, you're imagining the old days of Super and Ultra. I think it's a big addition to the game, but as you've seen, the strategy for the title has been gradually adding more features, more characters and it's gradually gotten bigger over time."

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We've known since EVO 2019 back in August now that Street Fighter 5 would be seeing two more "big" announcements this year, and the prospects of this Tournament Mode appears to be one of those pillars.

The other thing people have been wondering about is the continued addition of new characters, balance changes and mechanics where 2019 went eight whole months without receiving much on that front until E. Honda, Lucia and Poison all dropped at once.

Apparently, Capcom will be taking a somewhat similar approach going into 2020 with Ono saying after the November and December reveals, there won't be much added or changed about the game for some time.

"One slightly different approach for the Intel World Open - in the past when the Capcom tour was running, we'd have the freedom to add a character while people are practicing, or make a change or adjustment to the balancing," said Ono. "We want to create a level playing field, as it's such a large audience - anyone can take part. As I've mentioned recently, there are some things coming in November and December. Once that's out, we're going to lock the game down for a while, so people aren't being caught out by balance changes when the qualifiers open up around February / March time."

"We're getting some big updates out the way for the end of the year, and then we're going to say this is Street Fighter 5 as it exists now and then let it run in its current form until the tournament is over."

The Intel World Open will begin running its online qualifier events around the world beginning around February or March in 2020. The finals will not take place until July 2020, however, so we may be waiting until that time or perhaps even EVO 2020 to truly see what the next step for Street Fighter 5 will be.

Although Ono's statement appears to rule out pretty much any new characters or big balance changes for at least seven months, Capcom will still likely be releasing regular content like costumes at a steady pace like they have been for years now.

The phrasing used does imply that there will be more to come to Street Fighter 5, but it's hard not to see the game entering its twilight years going forward with whatever Capcom has planned to close out 2019.

Pretty much all of the company's attention for fighting games looks to be honed in on tackling the Intel World Open with how much is potentially riding on its success given its big pay outs, large scale and representation at the Olympics next year.

The Intel World Open will bring together national teams of Street Fighter players from all over the globe to compete for their cut of $250,000 as an Olympics sponsored event held just before the big games start in Tokyo, Japan. Finals are scheduled to be held alongside the final Rocket League teams from July 22–24, 2020.

Tying into that somewhat, Capcom will also be releasing new athletic gear costumes for every character in Street Fighter 5 this December for free which mimics olympic-styled tracksuits and gym wear though obviously they didn't get that licensing deal to go through.

We'll be learning more about the future of Street Fighter 5 in just a few short weeks, as Ono already confirmed there will be some announcements scheduled for the North American Regional Finals taking place November 16–17 followed by Capcom Cup shortly thereafter on December 15.

At least we know this time around that Capcom isn't planning any big SF updates for the first half of 2020 unlike "doing things differently" this year, so it may come down to their final announcements this year and their handling of the Intel World Open to see how the game will be moving in the future.

You can check out Ono's full interview on Eurogamer including a number of other topics like what happened to Deep Down though this is a different talk than what the producer also did at EGX 2019 last month.

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