Here are Terry Bogard's attributes and special input commands in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate to help get you started

Posted by Justin 'AdaptiveTrigger' Gordon • November 6, 2019 at 4:31 p.m. PST | Comments: 10

Terry Bogard became a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate earlier today. Although he functions very similarly to fellow traditional fighting game characters, Ryu and Ken, he has access to a number of quirks that are unique to only him at the moment.

There's a lot of information to digest if you truly want to master this Fatal Fury representative. To start, you'll want to learn about Terry's attributes and the special inputs associated with his most powerful attacks.

In terms of overall movement, Terry is actually fairly slow. As far as running speed is concerned, he is faster than Ryu but slightly slower than Ken.

Surprisingly, Terry Bogard is quite bulky in terms of weight. It turns out that his weight value clocks in at 108. This means he's more difficult to launch than Ryu, Link, R.O.B., Snake, Wario, Ike, and even Ridley.

Like the Street Fighter reps, Terry Bogard has a number of inputs that really distinguish him from the non-traditional fighting game combatants. Most of Terry's special moves can be powered up by using a designated series of inputs while other techniques can only be accessed through a chain of commands.

Locus has created an easy to understand image that compiles all the necessary information regarding these attacks. It also might be worth it to pay attention to Locus' Twitch channel as he appears to be dedicated to mastering the character.

Terry Bogard's attributes

• Walk speed: 0.85 (71st)
• Dash speed: 1.65 (75th)
• Run speed: 1.72 (39th)
• Air speed: 0.95 (62nd)
• Fall speed: 1.48 (53rd)
• Weight: 108 (9th)

Terry Bogard's special inputs

• Power Wave: neutral special
• Burning Knuckle: forward special or quarter circle forward + attack (fireball motion)
• Crack Shoot: back special or quarter circle back + attack (Hurricane Kick motion)
• Rising Tackle: up special or charge down then up + attack (Flash Kick motion)
• Power Dunk: down special or forward, down, down-forward + attack (Dragon Punch motion)

Terry Bogard's super special inputs (after 100% damage)

• Power Geyser: down, down-back, back, down-back, forward + attack (quarter circle back to half circle forward)
• Buster Wolf: quarter circle forward, quarter circle forward + attack (double fireball motion)

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