Go1 drops his new tier list for Dragon Ball FighterZ

Is Kid Goku at the top of his tier list too?

Posted by Nico 'SuperQue' Smith • November 7, 2019 at 6:15 p.m. PST | Comments: 23

CO|Go1 is one of the best Dragon Ball FighterZ players in the world. When he speaks, the world listens — especially when it comes to DBFZ.

With Dragon Ball Super Broly on the way as the next DLC character, we've seen some tier lists coming from different players detailing where the meta currently stands. Go1 decided to drop his... is Kid Goku still at the top?

Leading the pack, you know him, you love him, and you dread him... Kid Goku. He remains the best across the board at almost everything. It doesn't seem that reign is coming to an end anytime soon either.

Kid Gohan is right there in the S+ tier too. Now the S tier has other usual suspects, including Kid Buu, Bardock, Adult Gohan, and Yamcha.

S- tier has more fighters you see frequently in tournaments too. Super Saiyan Goku, Broly, Gotenks and more sit there, still being quite viable in the current meta.

The A- tier is the biggest and most broad, with several combatants making their home there. Most of the Androids, Tien, Piccolo, and others reside within that radius, but not in a particular order.

Krillin is supposed to be C- tier, but Go1 was unable to make another tier category. This is particularly fitting considering Krillin was always one of the first fighters killed in new sagas. What do you think of the list?

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Tier list source: Tier Maker.

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