Mango predicts the Super Smash Bros. Melee Panda Global Ranking top five

Posted by Nico 'SuperQue' Smith • November 8, 2019 at 10:06 a.m. PST | Comments: 5

The current Super Smash Bros. Melee season is coming to a close. As a result, many people are taking a look at the results and are speculating on the incoming rankings.

C9|Mango gives his predictions on the top five in the way only he can. Who will fill in the top five after Liquid|Hungrybox?

Hbox is the ever-present pick for the number one Melee player in the world. He wins virtually everything he enters, and aside from a couple of anomalies per season, is completely dominant.

TSM|Leffen is who Mango picks as the number two player on the incoming rankings. Citing the fact that he's the second most consistent player, plus he has a huge tournament win on the year, he believes Leffen will debut at number two.

Mango puts himself at three, despite "being number two in his heart and yours." He reminds us that sometimes he busters out at seventh and ninth place occasionally, which messes up his peaks.

PG|Zain is next up at fourth. He's had enormous moments this season, and has taken multiple sets on all the prospective top five players. He's been another consistent player who'll have another top-five ranking.

Tempo|Axe brings up the rear at number five. Mango tells us to remember that if he had attended more tournaments, he'd probably be top two. And that same lack of attendance is why he believes Envy|Wizzrobe doesn't deserve to be top five.

Photo credit: Stephanie Lindgren.

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