Poison's pros and cons in Street Fighter 5 outlined by Justin Wong after amazing performance at Canada Cup 2019

Posted by Justin 'AdaptiveTrigger' Gordon • November 5, 2019 at 12:30 p.m. PST | Comments: 28

Canada Cup 2019 was an interesting event for Street Fighter 5 spectators. In particular, Justin Wong's performance at this premier Capcom Pro Tour event was certainly noteworthy.

While only using Poison throughout the event, Wong managed to come in 5th place out of 100 competitors. Following this, Justin Wong then took to Twitter to outline his latest main's strengths and weaknesses.

First off, Wong mentions that Poison has access to an "amazing neutral." This is likely due to her fantastic reach when using her whip attacks.

It's also stated that Poison doesn't have a difficult time anti-airing most of the cast. However, you definitely need to be careful of opponents that can suddenly alter their aerial movement with moves like dive kicks.

Although Poison does have access to a three frame light punch and a four frame light kick, Wong declared that she can have a difficult time pulling off combos from close range. Unfortunately, her standing light punch doesn't offer enough frame advantage on counter hit to combo into anything that's noteworthy.

Once the enemy starts their offense, Poison can sometimes have a difficult time recovering since she doesn't get a reversal type special.

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Poison's pros

• Amazing neutral
• Can trade with fireball characters from majority of the screen, aka anti-zoning
• Big damage combos
• Both V-Triggers are good, both are two bar V-Triggers
• Landing Critical Art goes back to mid screen (so important)
• Unable to tell which whip Poison is holding
• Cancelling whip is super fast
• Great anti-airs, a lot of them
• Great V-Trigger activation routes
• Good punish buttons, standing light punch (3 frames) and standing light kick (4 frames)
• EX Raid is so "cheap" (similar to Seth's Tandem Engine)
• Deals good stun damage

Poison's cons

• No reversal
• 3-frame normal doesn't initiate combos from a counter hit
• Molotov goes over opponent's head when thrown in block strings
• Close range combos sometimes don't work due to stubby properties
• It's harder to anti-air characters that can change their movement in the air (Ex: dive kicks, R. Mika's body splash, etc.)
• Can't handle V-Reversals very well

Photo source: Capcom Fighters.

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