Soul Calibur 6 World Invitational 2019 results

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Update: This story has been updated with final results.

The Soul Calibur 6 World Invitational 2019 is happening today in Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A.

Notable players competing include BNE|Yuttoto, PG|Shen Chan, GO|Keev, Linkorz, Oplon|Skyll, LoloMx, BDG|BlueGod, AXL|Boom, AXL|PartyWolf, BxA|Xephukai, AXL|RichSticks, GeTV|Sandman, OmegaXcn, BWV|IV Wind, MGR|NovaMage and many more.

This event has had a long lead-up to it, with seven players being invited due to their various results throughout the year, with those seven being BNE|Yuttoto, PG|Shen Chan, GO|Keev, Linkorz, Oplon|Skyll, LoloMx and BDG|BlueGod.

The final eight spot will be decided by a Last Chance Qualifier which is the first tournament being held at this event, which around 100 players have signed up to compete in.

The Last Chance Qualifier and the Main Event are both happening today, so it's a one-day happening you'll be able to tune in to.

Streaming is being done at Soul Calibur.

Soul Calibur 6 World Invitational 2019 โ€” Results

1. Oplon|Skyll (Mitsurugi)
2. BDG|BlueGod (Azwel)
3. LoloMx (Seong Mi-Na, Yoshimitsu)
4. Linkorz (Siegfried, Geralt)
5. PG|Shen Chan (Cervantes)
5. AXL|PartyWolf (Kilik)
7. GO|Keev (Nightmare)
7. BNE|Yuttoto (Voldo)

Soul Calibur 6 World Invitational 2019 โ€” Top 8 battle log

• Grand finals, first set: Oplon|Skyll (Mitsurugi) eliminated BDG|BlueGod (Azwel) 3-1.

• Losers finals: BDG|BlueGod (Azwel) eliminated LoloMx (Seong Mi-Na, Yoshimitsu) 3-0.

• Losers semi-finals: BDG|BlueGod (Azwel) eliminated Linkorz (Siegfried) 2-1.

• Winners finals: Oplon|Skyll (Mitsurugi) beat LoloMx (Seong Mi-Na) 3-1.

• BDG|BlueGod (Azwel) eliminated PG|Shen Chan (Cervantes) 2-0.

• Linkorz (Siegfried) eliminated AXL|PartyWolf (Kilik) 2-0.

• Winners semi-finals: Oplon|Skyll (Mitsurugi) beat BDG|BlueGod (Azwel) 2-1.

• Winners semi-finals: LoloMx (Yoshimitsu) beat Linkorz (Siegfried, Geralt) 2-0.

• AXL|PartyWolf (Kilik) eliminated BNE|Yuttoto (Voldo) 2-0.

• PG|Shen Chan (Cervantes) eliminated GO|Keev (Nightmare) 2-0.

• First round match: BDG|BlueGod (Azwel) beat AXL|PartyWolf (Kilik) 2-0.

• First round match: Oplon|Skyll (Mitsurugi) beat BNE|Yuttoto (Voldo) 2-0.

• First round match: LoloMx (Seong Mi-Na) beat GO|Keev (Nightmare) 2-1.

• First round match: Linkorz (Geralt) beat PG|Shen Chan (Cervantes) 2-0.

World Invitational Last Chance Qualifier โ€” Results

1. AXL|PartyWolf (Kilik)
2. DF|Saiyne (Ivy)
3. AXL|RichSticks (Maxi, Azwel)
4. AXL|Boom (Yoshimitsu, Raphael)
5. BxA|Xephukai (Sophitia, Xianghua)
5. Kinetic Clash (Taki, Ivy)
7. Tomahawk (Taki)
7. Draethion (Nightmare)

9. GranmasGotGame (Talim)
9. MGR|NovaMage (2B)
9. BDG|Signia (Yoshimitsu)
9. OmegaDR (Zasalamel)
13. OmegaXcn (Taki)
13. CLOB (Astaroth)
13. WhoDat (Azwel)
13. GeTV|Sandman (Siegfried)

Event Schedule

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