MKLeo is defining the meta for Joker in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate with super major victories despite having never played Persona 5

Regarded as a top-2 player, he continues to jostle for the number one ranking with the inaugural PGU rankings to come soon

Posted by Nico 'SuperQue' Smith • June 3, 2019 at 6:06 p.m. PDT

Not too long ago, FOX|MKLeo won first place at Momocon 2019 for the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate event held there. Following soon afterwards, he achieved the same result at Smash'N'Splash 5.

At both tournaments, MKLeo did this while using the most recent addition to the roster, Joker from Persona 5. Throughout the majors, he relied only on Joker with no assistance from secondaries.

By learning the character as quickly and efficiently as he's been able to, MKLeo is leading the charge in proving Joker's viability in the competitive scene.

After making it out of pool play during Momocon 2019, MKLeo was faced with a gauntlet of top Peach players. Peach is viewed by the majority of the community as one of the top characters in the game, consistently being near the top of tier lists. He would have to fight LingLing, Umeki, and eUnited|Samsora to get into winners side top 8.

MKLeo has acknowledged that Peach is one of the top characters in the game. His performance against them has been outstanding regardless of character used.

First up was LingLing in his run against three straight top Peach players, whom has been known as an upset-minded player with past feats against other top players.

His ability to adapt on the fly throughout a set was shown as he continued to adjust as his opponent did.

Here we see MKLeo go to work on LingLing’s Peach with a flurry of reads.

Click image for animated version

Once he finally reached top 8, he was faced with yet another top threat: PG|Marss. Marss was arguably the hottest player in the world coming into the tournament having been on an absolute tear the past few tournaments, having won two and top 8’d the rest.

Marss loses his last stock at the hands of MKLeo’s Joker with his Persona at work.

His Zero Suit Samus was his go-to, but a pocket Ike and Megaman covered his bases. He would be sent to losers 3-2 via MKLeo and his incredible play with Joker.

In winners finals he would meet a very familiar face in TSM|Tweek, who is the player he is battling with to have the #1 ranking in the inaugural PGU rankings. Tweek would go his signature Wario and be sent to loser’s finals 3-0.

MKLeo ends the set versus Tweek with some patented Joker play, vanquishing Tweek to loser’s finals.

Grand finals would be the same result, except with Tweek also trying his Roy. Despite the experimentation, the result would inevitably be another favorable outcome for MKLeo. For now, it seems nobody has figured out his Joker.

MKLeo's success with Joker would then carry over into his run at Smash'N'Splash 5. Once more, he opted to take on all competitors with meta defining Joker play.

During his matches in the top eight, MKLeo would eventually find himself matched up against Ally's Snake. During their set, MKLeo found a way to use the fact that Snake's grenades were harmful to both players by using Rebel's Guard to convert the damage into free meter.

While without Arsene, MKLeo was able to use Joker's grapple hook (up special) to cut off Snake's usual method of ascending to the top of the screen with his recovery. Ally hung on as best he could, but he'd eventually be sent to a losers bracket thanks to MKLeo's 3-1 victory over him.

In the grand finals, Samsora would get his opportunity to have a rematch against MKLeo's Joker. Although he initially tried to combat this new character with his Peach, he was eventually forced to switch to Palutena.

Inevitably, MKLeo would take the tournament with a 3-0. In the final game, MKLeo managed to three-stock Samsora with an impressive finish.

Want to know what's particularly funny about this situation? MKLeo is leading the way in results with Joker, despite the fact he has NEVER played a Persona game.

Sources: Smash Studios, Video Game Boot Camp, theSirToasty.

Contributions to this story were made by Justin 'AdaptiveTrigger' Gordon.

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