Here's everything we know about the Street Fighter 5 reveal that's likely coming in August

'Look to my coming on the first light of the eighth month, at dawn look to the EVO...'

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Yoshinori Ono addressed Street Fighter 5 fans just two days ago with a Tweet that appears to tell us that the community will finally be getting the reveal they've been awaiting at EVO this year, which is slated to run from August 2nd-4th.

The fact that we can finally look forward to a specific time for this highly-anticipated information drop is a big relief, but it also means a good two and a half more months of speculation and wonder as to what exactly it will entail.

Since we have the time, a look back over the handful of potential hints and nods to 2019 Street Fighter 5 content might be helpful. We can start with Capcom's clarification that they had no plans for a Season Pass in 2019.

The previous three years held a steady stream of six new characters in each season, and the expectations that came with Capcom's promise of continuing to support their game "as a service" until at least 2020 led fans to crave a bit more information in regards to the company's alternate plans.

Two months later the community found itself in a state of restlessness, going as far as to speculate that perhaps no new characters would be coming at all. Serving as something of a mouthpiece for the people, Winner Stays On Sessions' Logan Sama asked Capcom UK's Matt Edwards if he could share any information that might put some space between hopes and the ground.

Edwards responded by simply stating that "the story of Street Fighter 5 is not finished." You can view the interaction via the quick clip immediately below. While this didn't offer any details as to what we should be expecting, it ensured us that there still was a "what" to expect.

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On the first day of March Ono tweeted an image of his Blanka doll in front of a Street Fighter 2 mouse pad. This image was framed so that Blanka's face was directly covering E. Honda's (the only one of the World Warrior cast yet to be a part of the SF5 roster) on said pad.

Ono might be hinting at E. Honda in Street Fighter 5 Season 4 image #1

This tweet was focused more on the special Japanese candy that Ono had obtained, and he went on to say that supposing this was a Honda hint was "reading too much into it," but the eccentric developer has been known to troll and toy with the community through social media avenues in the past.

The game's Executive Producer followed this up by addressing a fan's tweet from back in September of 2018 regarding Honda's absence. "Oh... Right, he's not in it, huh," responded Ono. "We didn't really mean or think of disincluding him... Sorry." The fact that Ono chose to do this so many months later (and after the talk of Honda started up) is noteworthy.

It was a few weeks after this that Edwards spoke on the matter once again, this time with a sense of how Capcom will be revealing the information:

Just over a week later, on March 28th, Ono revealed that he had been in meetings with Capcom USA about Street Fighter 5's next step. This came via a chain of tweets that directly acknowledged community longing for new characters. Also note that he used the phrase "World Warriors," which may or may not be intentional hints at Honda.

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It was in early May that Ono took to Twitter yet again to reiterate that communal cries had been heard and that something was indeed coming down the pike. World Warriors was present yet again in this address:

Yoshinori Ono hinting at future SF5 content image #1
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From here we heavily speculated that the reveal would be at EVO 2019, and just a few days later Ono all but confirmed that big dance in Las Vegas would be the event to look to.

Ono Tweet 5,000 image #1
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That brings us to now as we stand 72 days from the EVO 2019 finals. Given the increased frequency of Ono's tweets, we wouldn't be surprised if he continues to drop acknowledgements here and there ever so often, perhaps to start that trail of breadcrumbs.

As far as characters go, our best guess is still that final World Warrior, E. Honda, but Rose and Sodom have been frequently brought up around the rumor mill. In any case, having a more concrete date to look forward to helps us to enjoy the here and now of SF5 much more efficiently.

The Capcom Pro Tour roars along with an already exciting start and is currently in the midst of the highly revered Combo Breaker. We'll play, we'll watch, we'll wait, and we'll look to the new character's coming on the first light of the fifth day.

Image source: Antonio Fucito via Wiki Commons.

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