Daigo doesn't want revenge mechanics in Street Fighter 6, but they're probably here to stay post SF4 and SF5 success; why Rashid makes our blood boil

EventHubs Podcast episode 52

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • May 22, 2019 at 7:33 p.m. PDT | Comments: 67

Despite extremely rocky beginnings Street Fighter 5 has finally made it to a respectable 3.1 million units sold. This marks a passing of a certain benchmark of success, especially when you take into account how much money Capcom has surely made from the game's DLC sales.

Given this success, we'd be surprised to see Capcom make too drastic of changes heading into Street Fighter 6, but CYG|Daigo recently voiced that he is hoping for a very particular type of change that would take us back to before the Street Fighter 4 era. We don't think it's going to happen.

While we're widely happy with the way Season 4 has been balanced, there remain a few issues with some of SF5's stronger characters. While we're still debating on what to do exactly with the likes of higher tiers like G and Cammy, we're very certain of one thing: Rashid is douchey, and we'd like to see him nerfed.

More specifically, we'd like to see his corner carry via medium Spinning Mixer reduced as well as see Capcom address the character's ability to not only escape the corner with efficiency, but turn the pressure around and corner his foes in the process.

We also dig into what it is that makes Combo Breaker stand out above most other FGC events, highlighting this year's 48-page attendee handbook as the latest in a long line of smart moves and clear community acknowledgements.

XsK_Samurai seems to have been given the perfect platform to show the rest of the world what he's got thanks to Street Fighter League. His 9-0 and triple OCV streak (including two time outs against Victrix|Justin Wong) surely have potential sponsors looking his way at this point.

There's even more to episode 52 of the EH Podcast, so check it out below and feel free to offer any and all feedback after you're done.


00:37 - Street Fighter 5 surpasses 3 million copies sold
14:42 - Daigo's wishes for SF6 (and why they'll probably never come to fruition)
28:45 - How Combo Breaker is continuing to push the envelope, leveling up the FGC for everyone
34:36 - Capcom potentially moving away from using the Unreal Engine
41:08 - Rashid of the Turbulent Douche
47:18 - Akuma's big fat crouching fierce
50:44 - The Cammy in the room
59:24 - XsK_Samurai and his red hot run at SFL

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