Don't ever miss a punish on Birdie's EX Bull Head into V-Trigger 2 activation again with this wonderful character punish guide from HiFight

Unless you're M. Bison, Balrog, or three other characters

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • May 22, 2019 at 4:19 a.m. PDT

Birdie is new and improved for Season 4 of Street Fighter 5, and his most drastic alteration has to be the way Capcom changed up his V-Trigger 2 (Birdie Time) to make it a more viable tool. They certainly achieved this, and this formerly seldom-seen VT is now taking out unprepared victims left and right.

Birdie Time has proven extremely useful for extending combos and locking down opponents, but one of its clearest weaknesses is how unsafe it leaves Birdie upon activation. Those opposite the gluttonous Street Fighter Alpha character will never want to let an opportunity to punish this move go by, and luckily HiFight has put together a video showing how each character can punish the ever so common blocked EX Bull Head in VT2 Activation. Unfortunately not all characters actually can take advantage of this situation.

When Birdie cancels his EX Bull Head into VT2 it leaves him at a -8 frame disadvantage. While every character has attacks that are faster than eight frames, the fact that Birdie winds up a good arm's length away means not all techniques will reach him.

Take Ken's EX Tatsu as an example. This attack starts up in eight frames, but doesn't actually make it to Birdie in time even when performed with reversal timing. Ken players will be pleased to hear that at least the EX version of Tatsu while in VT1 will work very nicely for them here.

As we watch through HiFight's compilation we quickly realize that many characters can only punish by using their Critical Arts (Rashid can actually V-Reversal his way in and get a full combo starting with a medium button).

The most unfortunate roster members cannot punish at all, leaving them with the option only to hold this onslaught and hope to ride the VT2 storm out. M. Bison, Balrog, Menat, Sakura, and Kage make up the list of fighters who are simply out of luck.

You'll see the full video below, but start off with this example of Rashid's exceptionally good punish option when compared to most others... which I'm kind of mad about... but not surprised at all about...

Click image for animated version

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