Which characters could blow up the internet if they were to be announced for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate at E3 2019?

Posted by Justin 'AdaptiveTrigger' Gordon • May 20, 2019 at 7:18 p.m. PDT

E3 2019 is roughly three weeks away at this point. Nintendo has already discussed plans for a Direct stream that will be aired.

It's fairly likely that the second character and potentially even third character of the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Fighters Pass will be unveiled during the event. Historically, these type of reveals have generated a lot of hype within the community.

During the Game Awards 2018 program, following the reveal of Joker, Reggie Fils-Aime stated that "these are going to be characters that are new to the series, just like Joker from Persona 5, characters you would not expect to be in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate."

As a result of this, many suspect that the Fighters Pass will primarily be made up of third party guest characters. Considering the "Everyone is Here" tagline of the game, there aren't any veterans that can possibly return at this point.

Still, there are many fighters that have a huge potential to create quite a stir within the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate community. Some of these combatants have been requested for many generations of Super Smash Bros. titles while others have only recently become popular.

Let's take a moment to look at some of the possibilities.

Banjo and Kazooie

Banjo and Kazooie are characters owned by Rare that originally appeared on Nintendo systems exclusively. This changed after Microsoft acquired Rare.

Of course, the fan demand for a third title in the main series and a roster spot in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate never really subsided. One might think the second option was particularly unlikely since Microsoft and Nintendo are competitors.

Notably, the two have been working together for the sake of cross play. It was a funny thing to hear that the Xbox Live service was coming to the Nintendo Switch.

Clearly some doors are being opened behind the scenes between these two companies. Rumor has it that certain Rare characters have also been found to be hidden as Spirits within Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's coding. Of course, Banjo and Kazooie are absent.

Could the Bear and Bird be coming to take on the likes of Mario, Link, Samus, Sonic, Snake, and Pac-Man? E3 2019 might be the perfect opportunity to reveal such a surprise.


Here's yet another character that's owned by Microsoft. Should Cuphead join the fight, then he'd become the first Indie character to do so.

Funnily enough, it was Microsoft that actually encouraged the porting of Cuphead to the Nintendo Switch despite previously being exclusive to the Xbox One as far as consoles are concerned.

The Cuphead creator at one point outright stated that this particular character belongs in Smash. More specifically, Moldenhauer stated that he's "dreamed of Smash Bros." and that "[Cuphead and Mugman] belong in there."

Evidently, the developers behind Cuphead are supportive of this idea. If Nintendo simply made the arrangements, then this could easily become a reality.

Although the Cuphead series is extremely young, it became an instant classic upon release. Although there are plenty of older characters with a lot of fan demand, Cuphead has certainly earned his support as well.


"So it seems like the first thing to do would be to get Capcom to put Devil May Cry on a Nintendo platform in some way, shape or form," said Devil May Cry 5 director, Hideaki Itsuno. Curiously, this happened soon afterwards.

The original Devil May Cry is now available on the Nintendo Switch. Indeed, Dante's inclusion in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is now a distinct possibility.

A few years ago, one might assume that Dante's reliance on pistols would be an issue considering that Snake's moveset was intentionally designed to leave out these type of firearms in favor of explosions so that Brawl was suitable for more age groups.

This is clearly no longer the case thanks to Joker's addition. One of his special moves is literally called "gun." This has him barrage opponents from afar with his pistol.

It would interesting to see Dante's playstyle fleshed out in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. How would Sakurai and the development team be able to make something that rivaled Dante from the Marvel vs. Capcom series with such a simple button layout?

Perhaps we'll get the answer to this someday...

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