This 48-page attendee handbook is just one of the many reasons why Combo Breaker continues to raise the bar for fighting game events

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • May 20, 2019 at 4:31 p.m. PDT

Rick "The Hadou" Thiher and his team of tournament organizers have continued to wow and impress both attendees and live stream audiences alike with a yearly event that seems to somehow push the envelope with each and every trip around the sun: Combo Breaker.

Combo Breaker quickly rose above status of "just another FGC major" a few years back when the community took notice of exceptionally high standards in production value, organization, timeliness, and many other acknowledgements along similar lines. One such small touch that gives CB its unique identity is the fact that those in attendance receive a special handbook that outlines what to expect, and enables them to better plan their weekend. This year it's 48 pages long.

A recent tweet from The Hadou revealed said handbook to the world and has been received with much praise.

Not only do you have the bare necessities such as an event schedule, venue map, and stream directory, but also multiple write ups from Steve "AceKingoffSuit" Jurek, ads for fighting game-related accessories, wonderful art pieces from extremely talented artists like Richard Suwono and Irene Koh, and more.

"This year all COMBO BREAKER 2019 registrants will once again get an Attendee Handbook with key event info. Unlike last year, this Handbook is now a 48-page program guide featuring poster prints and community write-ups by @acekingoffsuit!" he posts along with four images of select pages.

I actually spoke with Ace personally on the matter, and he further articulated what he aims to achieve with some of his inserts. "My hope is that when people read these pieces, they get interested in a game they might not have given a shot otherwise," he said.

Our excitement for this weekend grows as Combo Breaker 2019 (May 24-26) looks to continue to break new ground and deliver some of the most intense and entertaining fighting game action of the year. You'll be able to view the aforementioned pages of the handbook in the gallery below.

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