MKLeo is making Joker look strong in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate but cracks start to show when he doesn't have Arsene at his side

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • May 19, 2019 at 11:50 a.m. PDT

Persona 5's Joker has been out as Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's second DLC character for just over a month now, and it seems as though most of the professionals — and casuals — looked at him with immediate interest. One top player has stuck by the newcomer, however, and is posting strong results with him already.

Leonardo "FOX|MKLeo" Lopez Perez is considered by many to be the strongest Smash Ultimate player on the scene right now, and he's been tearing through the Get On My Level brackets this weekend using almost exclusively Joker though it hasn't exactly been flawless.

Being the only Joker player to make it to top 8 or even the upper end of the singles bracket, MKLeo has been seemingly proving the newbie's worth though he might actually shine the most in doubles tournaments.

Joker has strong neutral buttons with his all encompassing neutral air and speedy yet strong back air which the Smash veteran uses near constantly to catch his opponents as they try to approach him from almost any angle until he awakens Arsene.

With Arsene by his side, Joker instantly becomes one of the strongest characters in the game which allows Perez to switch up the game plan and go heavy on the offense though it also opens up the character's big weakness.

Opponents will largely try to run out the clock since Arsene has a hard timer as to how long he can be out on the field, and that 30 seconds or so isn't always enough to turn the tide of battle. Joker by himself doesn't have great kill options on the stage without a Persona boosting his power.

We ended up seeing these weaknesses exploited a bit in winners top 16 where MKLeo would actually lose a close set to PG|Marss, who was able to effectively get a good read on the number one seed's movements and approaches to KO him multiple times right before he was about to activate Arsene — thus resetting his meter and making Joker work even harder for a potential KO confirm.

Earlier in the event though, Perez was able to take first place in the 2v2 tournament with his partner Serge partially because it's much easier to charge Joker's Rebellion Gauge. Using Rebel's Guard, the character can absorb attacks from up to three characters at once — including possibly most importantly his own partner — to more consistently have Arsene out as a powerhouse.

MKLeo did bust out Lucina after getting sent to losers to eliminate CLG|VoiD though he's said that he's going to try sticking it out with Joker in top 8 unless he fights another Pichu or Pikachu.

We suggest you take a look at some of the whacky stuff Perez and Joker have been able to do in the clips below and his full matches against Marss, Demise|Mr. E and his doubles match against Gen and Daybreak via VGBootCamp's YouTube channel.

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