Black Mirror season 5 trailer features glimpse at Street Fighter-like fight scene

Possibly an episode involving a very realistic VR fighting game?

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • May 17, 2019 at 1:49 p.m. PDT | Comments: 12

A new season of the critically acclaimed Netflix series Black Mirror is on route and a trailer for the upcoming fifth season was released earlier this week. If you're unfamiliar, this science fiction show takes a close examination of modern technology and provides viewers a look into where things could go if society continues to advance โ€” often times with a scenario that's more grim than anything.

In the new Black Mirror trailer, we get a glimpse at the three new stories that are inbound, and one of them appears to feature a fighting game scenario that seems to be akin to Street Fighter.

The quick look at the scene shows two people squared up and ready to engage in battle. We see a very clear "FIGHT" intro text before they begin attacking each other, much like we'd see in most fighting games.

Both of the actors here are dressed in karate gi-type outfits โ€” somewhat looking inspired by Street Fighter Shoto characters like Ryu and Ken โ€” and the female fighter attacks with a flaming fist that also seems like a nod to Capcom's legendary fighting game series. There are shreds of Mortal Kombat influence seen here too, though, like the setting and a palm strike that is heavily emphasized not unlike an X-Ray or Krushing Blow attack.

Black Mirror did have an episode in a previous season entitled "USS Callister" in which we saw people enter a realistic VR video game built to resemble a Star Trek-like universe. It's possible that this upcoming episode might have something similar, but with fighting games.

Black Mirror season 5 is set to launch on June 5th.

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