What do you think Street Fighter 5's next big announcement is and when do you think it'll drop? EventHubs round table discussion

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • May 16, 2019 at 7:31 p.m. PDT

It has been exactly five months to the day (December 16th of last year) since Capcom officially revealed and made playable Street Fighter 5's latest newcomer: Kage. Kage came with a balance update for the entire roster as well as the following text on the Capcom Unity blog post:

"Kage is only the beginning of the next season of Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition! We’re doing things differently this year, so we’re eager to share the details with you soon! Thank you for all the continued support. We can’t wait to show off what’s next in 2019!" Needless to say, five months with no official reveal has led fans to a rather perturbed state, but a recent message from Yoshinori Ono has given new hope.

"I fully understand what you'd like to want to new information about SF5 new season," stated Ono. "So I have a lot of request about releasing SF5 new content from [the] World Warriors. Could I please ask you to wait a little longer? Thank you for your understanding."

With this tweet the community is once again beginning to turn their eyes toward horizons and (cautiously) speculating as to who we may see and when we may see them.

We find ourselves in the ides of May with the Capcom Pro Tour off to a great start. As far as events go, Combo Breaker sits just over a week away as the next Premier event, June will hold two more such events in Taiwan's Taipei Major and Florida's CEO, and EVO awaits amidst the first week of August.

Talks of E. Honda, Sodom, and Rose have been very prevalent over the last six months to a year, but what makes the most sense for reveals at this point? We've collected the opinions of some of our writing staff members here on EventHubs for a round table discussion. Check out what we have to say and chime into the comments afterwards with your thoughts as well.

Steven "Dreamking" Chavez

When it comes to Capcom and Street Fighter 5 content... I'm not hopeful right now. That's the bed they've made for the fans, so that's what I'm currently sleeping in.

Having said that, I think that the best case scenario we're getting for Street Fighter 5 next up is one new character — maybe two.

With how long Capcom has remained silent on this front, the obvious hope is that they come bursting out of the gate with a major content reveal including a full season's worth of characters and more. But realistically, I anticipate a single character (maybe double, if we're lucky) reveal not only based on the current climate, but because we're fairly deep into Street Fighter 5's lifespan already and next-gen is looming.

Prime candidates for the next character, to me, are Rose and Sodom. Capcom has been on a major kick with the Final Fight / Street Fighter Alpha series references in Street Fighter 5 as of late, and I think those two are the most likely to join the battle. Rose is featured in several different character story modes, and Sodom was considered for the game's launch roster back in the day, so I feel that both of them have a good shot this time around.

As far as when the next announcement is coming, my money is on EVO 2019 later this year. Even though E3 is right around the corner, Sony's absence from the expo and the fact that Street Fighter 5 is not a new game have me thinking that the next most logical spot is in front of the largest FGC crowd of the year.

Jon "Catalyst" Grey

I think it's likely that we see Street Fighter 5's next big announcement at EVO 2019. Capcom unveiled two characters there last year, and Abigail the prior year, and they clearly see it as a spot to showcase DLC for their fighting games.

I believe there will be 6 DLC characters for all of Season 4, but there's a good chance this is the last season of new content for SF5. As such, I think we'll get 2-3 characters at EVO and the rest through Tokyo Game Show (September), North American Regional Grand Finals (November) and Capcom Cup (December).

The most likely events from what I named here are EVO and Capcom Cup though, as history has shown those are the two events Capcom continuously has new characters to showcase.

In terms of who we'll see, I have it on very good authority Rose is one of the remaining DLC characters, which I've heard from multiple sources, which makes me very happy. I also have no clue when she might be coming, and that makes me sad.

Based on the hints Ono is dropping and word on the street, I think E. Honda is another one of the characters. After that, I don't have any insider knowledge, and am just guessing we might see Yun, Fei Long, Makoto and Dudley.

There isn't much juice left to squeeze from Street Fighter 5 after that, and I think you're going to see more information about Capcom's future fighting games start to drop after a certain point.

Nicholas "MajinTenshinhan" Taylor

It's been a bit of a rollercoaster ride with Capcom's fighting game division this year despite practically nothing at all happening with the game or with communications from the company, simply because nobody knows what's actually going on.

Despite Ono's recent statement about staying patient and waiting for what they're working on, I can't say that my hopes for Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition are sky high right now. While I initially thought we'd be seeing a similar flow to what we've seen in previous seasons with 6 characters coming, and I know that I still have colleagues who also believe this, I'm not expecting anything close to that level anymore.

After the lackluster taste the Kage reveal (or Eviler Ryu, as I prefer to call him) left in the mouths of the majority of the game's fanbase, it's hard for me to fathom that Capcom have had an approach of complete and utter silence for almost half a year ever since. Having a bad PR hit and staying completely silent for half the season does not sound like good news is coming, to me.

Given how long we've gone without any new announcements or information, I've given up hope and expectations of seeing anything at big Premier tournaments this year, despite that being the go-to for many of the character reveals in previous years. I also find it highly unlikely that Capcom would use E3 to promote upcoming content for a game that's three years old, especially when they didn't do that for any of the previous seasons post-launch.

With this in mind, I feel like they only reasonable time for new content to be revealed is at EVO 2019, which is still two and a half months away as of the time of writing. On the one hand, having Capcom wait that much longer to put their fans at ease feels absurd to me but on the other hand, the lack of communication ever since Kage's reveal outside of Ono's recent vague statement felt and continues to feel entirely absurd to me as well.

As for what content we'll get, I've heard a lot of popular names thrown around, and there are a lot of heavily requested characters still not in the game. E. Honda, Fei Long, Rose, Poison, Q, Dudley and Makoto are all characters that have good claims to be added, be it due to popularity, legacy, general buzz or all of the above, and while I'd welcome any new addition at this point my hopes aren't quite so high.

Since Kage is a character where it's easy to reuse a lot of content, I feel more inclined to expect something similar. Keep in mind that Ultra Street Fighter 4 was in a similar boat, where the characters added were indeed fan favorites, but they were also put in the game because they could fairly easily be added through having existing models and animations in Street Fighter X Tekken. The sole brand new character, Decapre, was similar to Kage in that she could reuse a model and a lot of animations without much trouble.

Because of this, I'm expecting just one more character, which we'll get at EVO 2019, and it to be someone who's fairly easy to add without having to put too much budget towards it. I'm not going to give any explicit predictions, but I'd expect Abel as the absolute best case scenario, as a character who has an existing model in the game through the story mode A Shadow Falls.

For the record, I'd be ecstatic if we got more and if fan favorites that people have been waiting for were added, but after the approach we've seen from Capcom this year I'm just not seeing it. Call me pessimistic, but I'd prefer not to get my hopes up when I haven't seen any signs that suggest I should.

As a closing thought, don't take this as me putting Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition down as a game. While it's far from my favorite fighting game experience of all time, I do think that the game is in a much better state in terms of gameplay than it's ever been before, and I'm playing it much more for the last 6 months or so than I have ever since its release. I don't think the game necessarily needs new content to flourish, but it is a bit disheartening to see so many announcements for other games while Capcom are just staying quiet.

In short, I'm highly pessimistic about future content (though I'd love to be proven wrong), but fairly optimistic about the game in its current state overall.

John "Velociraptor" Guerrero

I don't know.

Capcom's practices in this department have been incredibly inconsistent, and I've learned not to try to make hard reads when it comes to this company and this stuff. I think a big variable is whether or not they have a full six character season planned, or if they are just gonna trickle one or two more in.

I do think an EVO batch release would be smart because it's such a big moment for Street Fighter. I'm inclined to say "You've waited this long, you might as well wait two and a half more months for EVO and do it big," but it also feels like every day that goes by without reveal lowers the hype ceiling for whenever it actually does come.

As for the character identities, the aforementioned leads (Rose, Honda, Sodom) are probably the best bet. I don't think any of those characters will garner a ton of hype, but releasing them all at once would multiply the excitement factor.

I think if they came out of left field with a beloved but not talked about fighter like Fei-Long, it would be more of a home run just because of the surprise. Whatever they do, I think they should do it as soon and as big as possible. Batch release five new characters tomorrow.

What I think will likely happen is we get two fighters, (Rose and Honda, best guess) at EVO similar to how we got G and Sagat in 2018, and that's it. Whatever the case winds up to be, I hope that Capcom changes the way they encourage expectations in future. If you have something to release in a timely manner, let people know. If you don't, do something to let your fans know not to wait up until further notice.

Image source: Wikimedia Commons.

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