'I can't do what Punk does' - Bonchan has his sights set on Punk this Pro Tour season, but isn't all that sure he can best him

The level of detail these players study at is very, very refined

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • May 15, 2019 at 12:23 p.m. PDT

It's not every day that we get insight into what top Japanese Street Fighter 5 players are thinking when it comes to strategy, rivalries, and the intricacies of game play, but today is unlike most others.

Thanks to the translation from FGC Translated we get a peek into three great Street Fighter minds as RB|Bonchan, CYG|Fuudo, and Ponos|Moke chit chat about the player to beat right now: REC|Punk.

The young Karin main is already well ahead of the pack with a whopping 1,755 points after winning two Premier events and placing second at another on this year's Capcom Pro Tour. Bonchan (who happens to be Punk's favorite player) has also garnered a win already this season, but simply hasn't had the presence his fellow Karin user has.

The Japanese player admits to his peers that he hasn't had time to catch up on the more recent footage of Punk, but has obviously been studying him for a good while now as he points out finer details such as the fact that Punk doesn't seem to use the stun bar to help with single hit confirms.

"He looks so strong now that it makes me wonder if I can beat him," admits Bonchan as he juxtaposes himself with his biggest fan. "I mean, I concluded I can't do what he does. However I do think there are definitely things I am better at."

Check out the full five minute video below, but before that give this clip of Punk showing off his skills against Victrix|Momochi a viewing so as to refresh your appreciation for how ridiculous a competitor he has become:

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Original stream source: Topanga. Banner image source: Capcom Fighters.

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