How did characters like Cinnamon, Milk, and Bong Lao NOT make the final Mortal Kombat 11 roster? Have a laugh with this spoof from Beyond the Summit

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • May 17, 2019 at 6:33 p.m. PDT

Top tier fighting game action, Mafia, and a dash of comedy seems to be the right recipe for Beyond the Summit FGC as they continued their practice of putting on exceptionally entertaining productions with last weekend's Summit of Time.

This Mortal Kombat 11-centric event saw well known NRS competitors from all over go head to head with the latest and greatest from NetherRealm. It also featured a spoof commercial depicting eight characters that wound up on MK11's cutting room floor.

In said spoof you'll meet characters like "Cinnamon" and "Milk" who, similar to some of the palette swap ninjas like Rain of the Mortal Kombat 3 days, harnesses powers from a specific theme as he fights.

Unlike Rain, these characters feel rather one dimensional as they simply resort to things like spitting cinnamon or hitting foes with gallon jugs of milk...

The fan favorite of the bunch seems to be "Bong Lao," a much more chill version of Shaolin Monk Kung Lao. The fact that Bong isn't really willing to get out of his bean bag chair (let alone throw a punch) is probably a central reason he wasn't chosen for the starting line up. Perhaps DLC is still an option?

Give the video a watch and chime in to the comments to let us know your favorite cut MK11 fighter. If you haven't already gathered as much, some of the content here does get a tad NSFW in nature as sex and drug jokes are present.

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