What are the top five most effective Fatal Blows in Mortal Kombat 11?

Everyone has one of these massive damage moves, but all are surely not equal

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • May 13, 2019 at 3:30 p.m. PDT | Comments: 12

Every single fighter in Mortal Kombat 11 benefits from the franchise's new mechanic: the Fatal Blow. Fall below 30% health and you can queue up a walloping attack that will lop off a massive 300 (or so) damage and give you a real shot at coming back in the round.

While everyone can do this, not all Fatal Blows are by any means equal, and Rooflemonger has taken the time to put all 25 current ones under the microscope to see which characters' big comeback moves are the best.

There are a few things to take into account when it comes to Fatal Blow efficiency. Start up speed, range, hit box size, and safety are all big variables in the equation here. While some characters need to be next to their opponent to land the hit, others can be virtually anywhere on the screen.

Some Fatal Blows are guaranteed to work if done while an opponent is in the air, making them incredibly useful not only for their damage, but for the way their potential so heavily manipulates what your foes can do.

Roof went as far as to lay out the frame data and relevant properties for all current Fatal Blows in the game, and after looking at the results has come up with his top five FB's in the whole game as things stand right now.

You can view all of his textual findings below the video embed right here. Let us know if you agree with his list, or if you think other characters' Fatal Blows are actually stronger than the ones mentioned.

• Jax: 11f startup, about half screen range
• Geras: 16f startup, about half screen range, does not move forward so very safe on block
• Cetrion: 29f startup, tracks full screen
• Kollector: 19f startup, point blank range
• Kotal: 13f startup, 2 hits, first 1 has to be touching point blank if not then like 30f
• Debra: 13f startup, little bit out from round 1 fight position
• Erron: 10f startup, full screen. Is a high, bullets do have travel time if done from full screen (full screen takes 22f to hit)
• Skarlet: 13f, point blank
• Jade: 27f startup from roughly round 1 fight position. Is an overhead, though
• Kung Lao: 13f startup, but only if first hit connects, which must hit from point blank range
• Kitana: 21f startup, from round 1 fight position
• Liu Kang: 16f mid, little bit past round 1 fight position
• Kabal: 21f startup, anywhere on screen, disappears to other end as to not be hit by trades, is mid
• Kano: 25f startup, unremarkable
• Sub-Zero: 25f startup, unremarkable
• Jacqui: 13f mid, point blank only
• Raiden: 17f mid, fairly close range
• Baraka: 13f mid, round 1 fight position Noob: 28f anywhere on screen
• Scorpion: 21f, close range, hits above him
• Cassie: 32f overhead, can aim it Sonya: 13f mid, round 1 fight position range
• Johnny: 27f, can hold, can dash cancel it
• Frost: 17f high, like Erron is not instant if travel time is involved
• Shao Kahn: 25f mid, round 1 fight position, infinite armor

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