Ladiva joins Granblue Fantasy: Versus as the seventh fighter on the roster

A good balance of sensitive and gruff

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • May 11, 2019 at 9 a.m. PDT

An all new character was revealed for Granblue Fantast: Versus today and we're now getting our first look at the wrestler known as Ladiva.

We caught first sight of her thanks to the the official Granblue Fantasy YouTube channel as she grabs, slams, splashes, and dropkicks her opponents all over the arena.

"This Draph duelist is the star of the Jewel Resort Casino Liner," reads the description on the game's official page. "In the arena and out, she's pure hearted, compassionate, and loving in every sense of the word. Her devotion to fans and formidable strength make for powerhouse performances sure to captivate any audience."

We first heard about the upcoming Granblue Fantasy Versus back in December when Arc System Works and Cygames revealed they've been tackling an all new project together.

We only know a limited amount about the game, but have heard that it will have a completely different battle system when compared to similar looking titles such as BlazBlue or Guilty Gear thanks to simplified controls and slower action.

Granblue Fantasy Versus will drop on PlayStation 4 in 2019. Closed beta for the game starts on May 31st and you’ll have until the 24th to sign up. Hit this link for more info on the beta, check the screen shots out here, and then finally watch the video below to get to know Ladiva.

Ladiva Reveal image #1 Ladiva Reveal image #2 Ladiva Reveal image #3 Ladiva Reveal image #4 Ladiva Reveal image #5 Ladiva Reveal image #6
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Thanks to Cael and sidechar for the tips.

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