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Charlotte slices her way back into Samurai Shodown in the latest character gameplay trailer

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • May 8, 2019 at 12:05 p.m. PDT • Comments: 27

Samurai Shodown's release is getting closer by the day, and it appears as though SNK is trying to keep the hype train going by releasing a new character introduction trailer every week until it's out.

This week's honor falls to the series veteran Charlotte as she battles her way through shinobi and samurai with her fencing style and apparent love for creating geometric shapes with her sword.

Charlotte first appeared in the original Samurai Shodown title, and though she was left off of a few of the rosters going forward, she has remained one of the most iconic female fighters in the series.

Her background as a French noblewoman sees her travel to Japan on multiple occasions with the first as an attempt to stop an evil power that is destroying her own country. She also apparently has / had a bit of a crush on Haohmaru.

As for gameplay, Charlotte largely revolves around using her rapier to keep her opponents at a perfect distance to stab at them from afar with the added ability to imbue her weapon with energy to create shapes like triangles that can be used as projectiles. She also has one of the highest flying uppercuts I've ever seen.

This marks the fifth character introduction trailer we've seen so far with Shiki, Darli Dagger , Nakoruru. and Ukyo coming before. You can check out Charlotte's full trailer below thanks to D3Vlicious, but be warned there is some NSFW blood and imagery shown off within.

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