Despite its silly concept, Flappy Fighter is actually a competent mobile fighting game that combines the worlds of Flappy Bird and Street Fighter

I really hope they announce Duck-Li next

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • May 5, 2019 at 12:35 p.m. PDT | Comments: 43

Flappy Bird took over the world for a brief period of time back in 2014 where the addictive formula printed money for its creator and spawned a near endless amount of clones. Now five years later, it has reemerged once again as a fighting game... and one that works surprisingly well on mobile.

Ditching the established endless-flyer formula, Flappy Fighter is now available on iOS devices which sees the round yellow birds of yesterday turn into gi-wearing beefcakes that throw out Street Fighter-inspired moves — that have a multitude of flappy puns.

The new mobile fighter currently only features one playable character, Flappy, and has only Training and versus modes against the computer, but the gameplay that's there already shows promise.

There are four attack buttons plus a dash forwards and dash backwards which seems fairly simplistic at first, but opens the doors for some potentially nice mind games and footsies along with strong rush down. Flappy Fighter's first button is a dedicated Tatsumaki-esque spin kick that actually moves the player backwards, so it's a good tool for spacing out the opponent.

Button number two is a dedicated jump kick that is easy to space and approach with, but it is vulnerable to button four which is the Flappyken uppercut. While standing close to the opponent, button three performs a punch that can be comboed into other specials and throws a Flapooken fireball at a distance.

Flappy Fighter also features a super meter that allows the player to use something akin to Ryu's Shin Shoryuken from Street Fighter 3.

Gameplay is fast and fluid which will hopefully lead into an online versus mode at some point, so players can bring the game to its full potential of testing skills, strategy and execution against other humans instead of just a computer or training dummy.

Flappy Fighter is free-to-play on iOS devices with some microtransactions to unlock more costume colors and remove ads though no plans for an Android version have been announced at this time. We also hope to see more characters added in as well which the game might be hinting at already — so hopefully we'll get to see Duck-Li, Flyle and E. Condor take on Flappy.

You can take a look at a fast-paced match courtesy of the Flappy Fighter development team themselves below plus some nice Street Fighter callback combos discovered by the likes of Sled.

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