Mid-range zoning, badass beat downs with portals, and was that an unblockable uppercut? Noob Saibot trailer breakdown

Add a shadow pawn and a gnarly Grim Reaper scythe into the mix... Noob is more daunting than ever

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • March 22, 2019 at 7:57 p.m. PDT | Comments: 9

Today's Mortal Kombat 11 presentation did not disappoint as the NetherRealm Studios team released the trailer for Noob Saibot, and the wraith fighter brings with him both a visually stunning and harrowing appearance.

We've gone through said trailer bit by bit to glean as much as we can about good old Bi-Han in his MK11 form. Already a fairly clear play style appears to emerge as fans of mid-range control and manipulation will likely gravitate to this shadowy fighter.

Generally speaking, my first reaction is to note that Noob seems very powerful at a mid range or farther. So many of his attacks utilize portals or his shadow half for extended reach and so it looks as though he'll have advantage over most other characters when fighting from just outside sweep distance.

This isn't to say that Noob won't be able to dole out the damage with combos from up close, but I imagine his go to game plan will be keeping foes at bay with calculated counters to their attempts to get close either via jumps or sudden bursts forward.

We'll have to wait until actual game play to know for sure, but it also looks like the original Sub-Zero is a tad slower than average. This would make total sense if he is somewhat of a mid range zoner, as he'd fit the archetype of a thoughtful puzzle master as opposed to a speedy rush down fighter.

Right from the get go we see a pretty decent poke which converts to two-hit combo that sends the opponent flying away. From here the adversary is tasked with trying to get back in, and it's clear that projectiles will be of little use against Saibot thanks to his good old teleport slam:

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The added bonus of having your comfort zone slightly further back is that it means you're often at the right range for jumping in, and thus opponents have to constantly be worried that you'll flip the switch from pestering with a sudden leap of offense.

We see that Noob can convert quite nicely from a jump in, and even has a special that sees him teleport down at his foe after hurling his scythe at them. In the enhanced version it looks like he follows this teleport with an unblockable uppercut, but we're going to wait on confirmation for that before assuming he has such a powerful technique:

When Noob successfully catches you with one of his specials, it seems he gets to deal out his damage up close, but then end whatever sequences he does by shoving the opponent back out to a further distance.

From what we garner from his trailer, the name of the game is certainly to manipulate your foe into an unsafe advance and then put them in a world of pain for doing so. Rinse and repeat:

That'll wrap it up for our first thoughts and reactions, but we'd love to hear what you thought of Mr. Saibot as he appeared today. Fill up the comments section with your opinions and any other especially interesting or significant bits from the trailer that you noticed.

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