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New D'Vorah costume and potential unannounced character leak found on Mortal Kombat 11's official website

Possible spoilers ahead

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • March 21, 2019 at 3:23 p.m. PDT • Comments: 24

We got some exciting new Mortal Kombat 11 highlights this week as the developers over at NetherRealm Studios showed off both Kotal Kahn and Jacqui Briggs in the latest Kombat Kast, but the fun and new content didn't quite stop there.

Earlier this morning on the official Mortal Kombat 11 site fans found and shared on Test Your Might two exciting discoveries. The first is a second look at D'Vorah in a new costume and the second appeared to be an accidental reveal of an unannounced character. Potential spoilers ahead.

D'Vorah's new look sees her donning a hood, wearing what looks like a bit of eye shadow, (giving her the benefit of the doubt that it isn't just dirt) and seems to have somewhat darker skin compared to the very yellow first look we got.

She's posed in the same way as in the aforementioned first sighting, but even the small bug flying next to her has different coloring as it follows in suit with more greens and darker shades of yellow.

The other, less official, bit of information points to Mortal Kombat mainstay Jax Briggs as being part of the roster. While we haven't gotten anything in the way of visuals for Major Briggs, the German version of the site seems to have accidentally posted his character biography.

Though it has since been changed, Jax's bio was reportedly and mistakenly placed where his daughter Jacqui's was supposed to be. You can read the German text as well as the English translation from Google below. Don't forget to peep D'Vorah's new threads in the image here:

Devorah Costume image #1
Click images for larger versions

German and English bio text

"Cyber-Officer der Special Forces. Jax Briggs verlor bei der Ausübung seiner Pflicht beide Arme, kehrte jedoch dank kybernetischer Aufrüstungen zweimal auf das Schlachtfeld zurück. Doch trotz dieser Macht sind seine Opfer eine Bürde. Er setzt seinen ehrenhaften Kampf weiter fort, um das Erdenreich zu beschützen."

Cyber officer of the Special Forces. Jax Briggs lost both arms in the pursuit of his duty, but returned to the battlefield twice thanks to cybernetic upgrades. But despite this power his victims are a burden. He continues his honorable fight to protect the Earth.

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