Roster-wide character balance patch reportedly coming to Dragon Ball FighterZ on March 27th

Main focus seems to be on buffs for everyone

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • March 21, 2019 at 1:51 p.m. PDT

During a Dragon Ball FighterZ live stream in Japan early Thursday morning, Producer Tomoko Hiroki joined the likes of CO|Go1, CO|Dogura, and other top players to reveal an incoming balance patch for the game.

All the information has been released in Japanese, but luckily for English speakers Twitter user Hicchan has translated these notes for us. This is not an official EventHubs translation so we cannot claim they are 100% accurate.

The first big takeaway from these notes seems to be that they focus almost exclusively on buffing instead of nerfing. This means the idea for this patch is to bring the lower tier fighters up without necessarily lowering the status of the higher tiers.

In looking at the text it seems that almost everyone is getting two buffs a piece. Android 16, for instance, will see his jumping 2H gain overhead properties and his jumping 236M/H now can be followed up on hit.

The release date for said patch, again according to Hicchan, will be six days from now on next Friday, March 27th.

You'll see the start of the translations simply by clicking on the thumbnail here. We encourage you to head over to Hicchan's page for the rest after you've watched JM Crofts' video discussing the particulars of the changes and their significance in the video below.

DBFZ Patch Notez Tranzlationz image #1
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Thank you to henryportelles and jleadership for sending this our way.

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