The most likely events where we may see more revealed about Street Fighter 5 — spoilers: we're probably waiting awhile

Summer time has the next dates to watch, but this company is hard to predict

Posted by Jonathan 'Catalyst' Grey • March 24, 2019 at 4:57 p.m. PDT | Comments: 81

Predicting what Capcom is going to do, and when they're going to do it is often a fool's errand — so I'm the perfect man for the job.

Based on the company's history and what we've been told, there are some assumptions we can make about when we're going to hear more about Street Fighter 5. If you haven't already been turned off concerning any and all news about this game, let's jump down this rabbit hole together.

To set the stage, we know that Capcom's Matt Edwards thinks fans will be pretty excited about things when they know what's in store.

The assumption from that statement is whatever news Capcom has planned should be relatively big, and considering where Street Fighter 5 is at in it's lifespan — with no support promised beyond this year — you'd think the company doesn't have many announcements up their sleeve left to pull out.

The usual suspects

E3 2019: June 11-13. The big dog, where many gaming companies showcase the best things they have in store for gamers across the globe. Capcom is no stranger to making major announcements here.

San Diego Comic-Con 2019: July 18-21. Probably the most unlikely of the events listed here, because they do not allow live streaming of their panels. Still, announcements have been made here in the past, so it's at least a consideration.

EVO 2019: August 2-4. The world's largest fighting game tournament, which attracts a huge audience online. We saw Sagat and G revealed here last year.

Japan Super Premier (Tokyo Game Show): September 20-23. Capcom is making eSports a bigger deal in Japan, and TGS is a huge convention in of itself. This would enable them to make an announcement on their home turf, with the newly minted super premier status.

North American Regional Finals 2019: November, no date set. We know an update of some sort is taking place in November, and this is often the final stop of the Pro Tour. We also expected an announcement in 2018 here, and ended up looking way too closely at confetti.

Capcom Cup 2019: December, no date set. It's pretty much a lock for something to be announced at this event every year, whether it's Street Fighter 5 related, or another game entirely.

Capcom could go fairly random and announce their SF5 plans at a premier event like Combo Breaker, CEO or Canada Cup, but these tournaments do not have the same clout as the ones listed above.

While you can't rule out conventions like PAX West, SXSW and New York Comic-Con, history hasn't been nearly as kind to these events as they have the ones we've ran down.

Depending on how OK you are with potentially having your heart broken repeatedly, these are dates to remember.

Predicting what Capcom is going to do is nearly impossible, this list at least outlines major dates where gamers could expect news to drop.

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