5 classic Street Fighter stages I want to see remade in Street Fighter 5

Capcom knocked it out of the park with the Field of Fate, now I want more!

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • March 23, 2019 at 7:15 p.m. PDT | Comments: 79

Capcom has done an excellent job remaking classic Street Fighter series stages in their flagship fighting title, Street Fighter 5, over the past few years. Over the weekend, the company unveiled the next big stage remake to be added to the game later this month — Field of Fate, the grassy backdrop most commonly recognized from Street Fighter Alpha 2.

With Capcom continuing to put out costumes and stages at a pretty consistent rate, I thought it might be fun to revisit the subject of which other classic Street Fighter battlefields should also see the remake treatment. Here are my picks! (And of course, we'll be asking you for yours at the end of this article).

For the choices here, I tried to stay within the realm of possibility for Street Fighter 5. This means that my selections came from within the confines of what characters you'll find in the game, so I excluded picks such as T. Hawk's and Fei Long's Street Fighter 2 stages because both characters are not on the playable roster.

Having said that, the first choice below comes from a character not currently in the game, but she does have a strong connection to one.

House of Mystery - Palazzo Mistero, Italy (Rose, Street Fighter Alpha 3)

At this point in time, Rose is not on Street Fighter 5's playable roster. However, she does appear in the game's story mode for characters like Menat — who she happens to mentor — and some Arcade Mode endings. There have also been rumors that Rose will be joining the game this season, but we have yet to see confirmation of that.

Anyway, Rose's Palazzo Mistero is a visually striking stage that sees a darker inside setting on the far left and a sunny outside balcony on the right. The stars and various symbols lining the interior walls coupled with the deep blue make for a peaceful setting, especially with the rays of sunlight beaming in from outside.

If Rose makes the cut in Street Fighter 5, I'd love to see the House of Mystery come along with her.

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Mountain Pass, Japan (Akuma, Street Fighter 3 Third Strike)

Akuma already pretty much has his own stage in Street Fighter 5, The Temple of Ascension, but more Third Strike representation is always a good thing.

For this pick, I'm looking to the Mountain Pass. Taking the fight outside, this dramatic scene features a stone road along a mountainside with large trees looming over the fighters. The eye is drawn to the center of the stage as a large, full moon shines brightly.

There also exists a red variant of this stage that comes about when facing Shin Akuma. This could work as a potential alternate look in Street Fighter 5, like we see with stages such as the Forgotten Waterfall at night.

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Olmec Ruins, Mexico (Urien, Street Fighter 3 Third Strike)

This one is a stage that I feel gets requested often when the topic of remakes comes up, and for good reason. Urien's Street Fighter 3 Third Strike stage is amazing and one of my favorite Street Fighter backdrops.

Based in Mexico, this ancient site is secluded and eerie with its crumbled ruins smothered in plant life. It's worth noting that this stage has also been rumored for Street Fighter 5 via data miners, along with other stages such as Cammy's Street Fighter 2 and the Field of Fate — both of which actually came to fruition.

Urien's classic look has been in Street Fighter 5 since the character was first released — you have to hold a special input before a match starts to access it. I think it's about time to add his classic stage too.

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India (Dhalsim, Street Fighter 2 series)

Not much needs to be said about this particular stage. A classic from the original Street Fighter 2 era, Dhalsim's stage is bright, colorful, and memorable.

The setting is Maharaja's Palace in India, with several large elephants lining the background and a painting of the Hindu god Ganesh in the center. Who doesn't remember the sound of the elephants trumpeting between rounds and during matches? I bet you're thinking of it right now...

We've seen other classic Street Fighter 2 stages such as Ryu's Suzaku Castle, M. Bison's Temple Hideout, and Sagat's King's Court enter the fold and look fantastic. Maharaja's Palace would be another perfect addition in that line.

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Solar Eclipse, Africa (Street Fighter 4 series)

The Street Fighter 4 series was last generation, and though that might not be all that "classic" I'd still like to see a stage from that era make a return. That's why my pick is the Solar Eclipse Africa stage.

Making its debut in Super Street Fighter 4, this backdrop pits fighters into an African Savannah near a watering hole. As the battle rages on, various animals move about and react to what's happening, and eventually we see the blazing sun in the background turn into an eclipse.

It's a fun stage, and one of the more unique ones found in Street Fighter 4. Here's hoping we can see it come back, perhaps with some special stage KOs tied to it.

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Now, here's the part where you tell us which classic stages you want to see remade in Street Fighter 5! Sound off in the comments below.

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