Voting is now open for Street Fighter League's player nominations featuring Smug, Brian F, Brolylegs, Shine, Xykes, Neon and more

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • March 16, 2019 at 9:48 a.m. PDT

Final Round 2019 may be kicking off the Capcom Pro Tour in style, but Capcom's other venture into eSports in America is also going forward looking to finalize its 18-man roster for what's to come next.

Street Fighter League's open nomination voting is now available for the public to decide who will be the final six players to make it to the new invitational series featuring loads of top talent and familiar faces fighting to earn their spots.

Currently, the players leading the pack above all others are ElChakotay, Dual Kevin, Clasico, CE|NovaSpec, END|Shine and apparently even EventHubs' own beloved commenter, Xykes. Other notable names outside of the top six right now include Rise|Smug, AG|Brolylegs, Brian F, Stupendous, Mhike2stronk, Pro7otype, LPN and GRPT|gllty among many others.

Five of the six online qualifier spots have also been secured with Samurai, SB|JB, Justakid, UpToSnuff and RobTV joining the pool of talent with the final tournament happening later today though most of the top players will likely have their hands tied with Final Round to participate.

Team captains are going to be made up of the top ranked North American players from 2018's Capcom Pro Tour leaderboard who are going to be choosing from the twelve qualified fighters to make up six teams of three for the first season of league play that is scheduled to start up sometime this Spring.

Fans can vote for their favorite players on the Street Fighter League page with their Twitter accounts similarly to Summit events where people can earn more votes by following certain social media channels. Voting is scheduled to close at 2 p.m. PST tomorrow, March 17, where we'll likely figure out the final line-up for North America's new league.

Street Fighter League confirmed and potential players

Capcom Pro Tour leaders (unconfirmed)

• FOX|NuckleDu
• Justin Wong
• REC|Punk
• iDom
• GGEA|Toi
• Nephew

Online Qualifiers

• Samurai
• Justakid
• UpToSnuff
• RobTV

Notable players in voting nominations

• ElChakotay
• Dual Kevin
• Xykes
• Clasico
• CE|NovaSpec
• END|Shine
• AG|Brolylegs
• Brian F
• Stupendous
• Rise|Smug
• EQNX|Filipinoman
• Dankadillas
• Neon
• GTPT|gllty
• Tempo|Alex Myers

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