Tampa Bison gets counter hit without a button press, MOV instant head stomps opposition, and more — Final Round 2019 highlights and off stream details

Posted by Justin 'AdaptiveTrigger' Gordon • March 16, 2019 at 7:17 p.m. PDT

Day two of Final Round 2019 has now concluded. There are now only eight competitors remaining for tomorrow.

Throughout today and yesterday, there were numerous upsets that occurred during the pools matches. Of course, the action didn't just stop in pools. We've got a batch of highlights to showcase for the rest of the event.

First off, let's talk about BxA|Tampa Bison's round against SB|801 Strider. Tampa Bison was playing as M. Bison while 801 Strider was going at it with G.

Tampa Bison had quite the deficit to overcome. Luckily, his V-Trigger 2 was primed and ready to go.

Immediately after activation, he planted the bomb on G. Remember that this can either be manually activated or it'll trigger after a set delay.

After dashing up to 801 Strider, Tampa Bison... just sat there and did nothing. 801 Strider must've thought he was going for a grab attempt because he left himself open to the bomb's blast.

Click image for animated version

Brian_F ended up pushing GRPT|MOV into the corner but only had a sliver of life remaining as Balrog. MOV managed to escape this bad situation and take the round with an instant overhead stomp as Chun-Li.

Rise|Smug might have been a little too afraid of a shimmy or frame trap as he took four throws in a row from MOV.

It was very clever and bold for Smug to jab Chun-Li in between her EX Lightning Leg sequences.

Things were looking bad for MOV in this particular round, but he managed to make a huge comeback against Smug.

Smug knew exactly where to be when he threw out his jabs to keep Chun-Li in check. He managed to take his first game over MOV as a result.

In the end, MOV ended up destroying another soul with the instant overhead stomp as Chun-Li.

Great combo from Tampa Bison allowed him to take this round over MOV.

Off stream, CYG|Fuudo eliminated CYG|Daigo, FOX|NuckleDu eliminated Mouz|Problem X, Justakid (Juri player) eliminated Rise|MenaRD, RB|Bonchan eliminated Rohto|Tokido, and Justin Wong eliminated FAV|Sako in the Menat mirror.

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