Oil King is insane, Ryuusei is a round thief, 801 Strider shows off his G and more; Final Round 2019 day one highlights for Street Fighter

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • March 15, 2019 at 7:48 p.m. PDT

We've seen only one day's worth of action and already Final Round 2019 is proving to be the momentous Capcom Pro Tour kick off event we had hoped for.

With as many high level players as are in attendance, we're already seeing those we'd expect to meet only in the top eight finals clash as early as pools, and already some big names have been taken down.

While watching and reporting the action today, we nabbed some of our favorite moments to share with you. These don't include Cool Kid's clutch defeat of Rohto|Tokido, as it got its own article.

Our first highlight comes from the contest between two Capcom Cup 2018 players, CJ Truth and RB|Bonchan. Tied at a game and a round a piece, both players stood on the precipice of victory, though Bonchan stood a bit closer because of his significant life lead.

CJ has been known almost exclusively as a Cammy player in Street Fighter 5, but has made the switch over to Kolin, presumably because Cammy received a handful of nerfs in the latest balance patch.

With his back against the wall, CJ makes a series of brilliant, lucky, and clutch moves to somehow survive and swim out of the pool phase in the winners bracket:

Click images for animated versions

FAV|Sako is back in full force with Menat it seems. Ultradavid gets cut off at the end of the clip, but what he says in regards to Sako's extra long combo here rings very true: He didn't need to in the strictest sense of the term, but he needed to in the funnest sense of the term:

FOX|NuckleDu took a page out of Liquid|Nemo's book by switching over to G. You could cut the tension with a knife during the last few seconds of this round:

UYU|Oil King vs. Rise|MenaRD. We're not going to spoil any of this one:

After taking the majority of last year off, SB|801 Strider is back with a vengeance and a new character. Check out this slick conversion against DNG|Itabashi Zangief:

FAV|Ryuusei catches a surprising hit and then converts in amazing fashion:

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