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Street Fighter 5: Type Arcade is now available and its website is something akin to a web designer's worst nightmare

They couldn't call it Arcade Edition after all

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • March 14, 2019 at 6:48 a.m. PDT • Comments: 51

Capcom first announced Street Fighter would be returning to the arcade scene after Tokyo Game Show in 2018, and now after a handful of location test runs, players can finally get their hands on the ported title's full release... in its home country at least.

Street Fighter 5: Type Arcade is now officially available across dozens of venues in Japan featuring most if not all of the content to date currently playable though some alterations have been made when compared to the original console version.

The game mode selection has been essentially stripped down to Training and Arcade modes where players can decide whether they want to play strictly offline, with people in the store or with other players across the nation.

Players can actually link their Capcom Fighter's Network ID from the console version to Type Arcade which will bring over their previously purchased / unlocked costumes and colors though there may be some limitations to be found.

Existing player rankings will not carry over, however, as Type Arcade does away with the League Points of PlayStation 4 and PC and replaces them with Battle and Player Points similarly to Street Fighter 4. Unsurprisingly, Trashbox is currently the highest ranked player at the arcades just like he is at home.

A new mobile site is also available for the new port to help players register and handle their data, but it appears to be something from an era long past in terms of the way it looks. Simplicity is the name of the game here considering the website has just a single static image for a background with multi-colored lines of plain text breaking up the sections. Its biggest design sin though stems from the moving text wraps around the screen called a marquee which I'm pretty sure my web design professor said he'd slap us if we ever used.

You can check out all of the current locations to find Street Fighter 5: Type Arcade on Taito's website, as well as some screenshots showing off the design differences below and the new key artwork from Shinkiro.

Street Fighter 5: Type Arcade launch image #1 Street Fighter 5: Type Arcade launch image #2 Street Fighter 5: Type Arcade launch image #3 Street Fighter 5: Type Arcade launch image #4 Street Fighter 5: Type Arcade launch image #5 Street Fighter 5: Type Arcade launch image #6
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