Ryu, Akuma and Trashbox are still rocking the top: Day one character usage and ranking statistics for Street Fighter 5: Type Arcade

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • March 14, 2019 at 12:49 p.m. PDT

After months of locations tests and developments, Street Fighter 5: Type Arcade has officially hit the scene in Japan, and players have now finished up their first day of sitting down in front of the shiny new cabinets with all of the bells and whistles going off around them.

Street Fighter 5: Type Arcade's interestingly designed website actually logs statistics for character usage, rankings and player leaderboards much like the main Shadaloo CRI site, so we've gathered up the first day of data to compare its console counterpart.

Battle Points, Player Points, win streaks, arcade scores, character usage and overall character rankings can all be found on the Type Arcade site in Japanese, but we'll be taking a look at the best and worst ranked characters plus the 10 players with the highest scores after day one.

The top 10 characters as far as popularity were actually fairly similar to theFebruary statistics of Arcade Edition. Ryu is of course the most popular followed by Akuma, but Karin actually slipped her way up to number three past Ken. There's no Kage or Zangief at the top, as they're replaced by Sakura and Ibuki with the newest fighter being ranked fourth at home to 16th in the arcades.

To the surprise of no one, apparently Trashbox, who has held the most amount of League Points in SF5:AE for a long time now and is currently almost 230,000 points ahead of second place, is at the top of the leaderboard in Type Arcade finishing the first day as the only person in Ultra Silver ranking — probably soon to be much higher.

Unlike the most popular fighters, the bottom five are the same between the versions with Menat, Falke, Blanka, F.A.N.G and Dhalsim though they are in a different order. It'll be interesting to see how these numbers evolve over time, as it will give us out best opportunity to get information on just the Japanese players playing SF5 in its natural habitat.

You can take a look at the character usage stats plus the top 10 ranked players in Street Fighter 5: Type Arcade as of the time of posting this article in the gallery below. The translated images were gathered using Google's automatic translations, so be aware there are a wide number of errors present in names and certain words.

Street Fighter 5: Type Arcade Day 1 statistics image #1 Street Fighter 5: Type Arcade Day 1 statistics image #2 Street Fighter 5: Type Arcade Day 1 statistics image #3 Street Fighter 5: Type Arcade Day 1 statistics image #4 Street Fighter 5: Type Arcade Day 1 statistics image #5
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