This Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Ness 0 to death sequence is as incredible as it is devastating

If you don't tech, you might die...

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • March 14, 2019 at 4:22 a.m. PDT | Comments: 0

Ness is a character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate that has great combo potential and offensive pressure. Being tagged with his PK Fire can lock you in place and allow him to set up some pretty nasty sequences, not to mention his KO power with attacks like back air and down air.

Whether it be a flashy KO using self-induced PK Thunder or actually baiting an opponent into being struck by PK Flash, Ness has a lot of techniques that would earn him a spot on any Smash Ultimate highlight reel. What we have here, though, might be the best Ness sequence I've seen yet.

Twitch streamer FOW! recently shared a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate clip featuring their Ness up against a Ryu player online. Right out of the gate, the Ness player lands a 0 to death sequence featuring some truly incredible tactics.

To start, there's some slick aerial movement using Ness' absorb that leads into an up air to get the party started. From there, Ness is able to footstool off of Ryu's head, sending him to the ground and allowing for an air dodge down to follow up.

Ness is able to hit a couple of down tilts into PK Fire, down air, then knock the opponent off of the stage for a perfectly executed KO. The pivotal moment here takes place right at the beginning as the opponent did not air recover (tech) after the up air, allowing the footstool and the rest of the sequence to be set up.

Even though FOW! also lost a stock here, that unbelievable play was absolutely worth it for the highlight alone.

Click image to view the clip

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