If secondary V-Skills are added to Street Fighter 5, what new techniques should Ryu, Chun-Li, R. Mika and Vega get?

Spoilers for Ryu: Give him back his fake fireball

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • March 14, 2019 at 7:43 p.m. PDT

There have been some interesting rumors of additions coming to Street Fighter 5 lately as new characters, costumes, and secondary V-Skills have reportedly been data mined.

We've already seen the cast of SF5 receive secondary V-Triggers, and that has made a world of difference to some. There are a handful of characters that are still hoping for something to augment their game play and give them a chance against the game's top tiers, and a new V-Skill could very well be the key here.

We're taking a look our first few characters as we imagine what a secondary Skill might look like for them. The first fighters we're examining are those that have V-Skills that are fairly seldom-used as these are the characters that would benefit from this kind of change the most.

Some roster members already have perfectly useful and logical Skills that we see integrated into virtually every round they play. Ken, Necalli, Ibuki, and Dhalsim are a few great examples of this. We're shying away from such characters and instead trying to focus on those that need change in this avenue the most.

We've chosen to imagine potential new Skills for Ryu, Chun-Li, Vega and R. Mika here in our initial crack at this. We'll likely visit more characters in the future, but we're kicking things off with just these four.

A few things to keep in mind while assessing such speculations: a V-Skill is meant to work directly with a character's basic game plan, it helps a character on their way to V-Trigger, and it should usually relate to the character's unique identity in some way or other.

Ryu - Fake Fireball

For Street Fighter's poster boy, there was one move in particular that he's had in the past that would work very nicely as an obvious part of his game plan to be used with specific intent: his fake fireball.

Ryu has had this technique on and off over the years, and it clearly supplements his go-to shoto strategy of the tried and true fireball/uppercut game. This is actually a non-attack, however, so the first obstacle that comes to mind is how to translate it into V-Gauge when done "successfully."

Similar to the way Sagat's Angry Scar is one of the more primarily passive Skills in SF5, Ryu's fake fireball could grant gauge gain based on a follow up attack. That is, if the very next technique Ryu lands is an uppercut, then he builds a portion of a V-bar.

The idea here is that this V-Skill would coerce a foe into jumping forward, and so a feint into an uppercut would be the definition of a successful use. Ryu would not gain any gauge after using the fake if he performed any other move or were hit between said fake and a successful uppercut.

Chun-Li - Back Flip Kick

Chun-Li is a character that pokes and prods her opponents mostly with her long-reaching limbs as opposed to projectiles. She does this usually on her way in as she attempts to cautiously score an opening where she'll be able to safely get in her foe's face for even bigger damage.

Though she lacks an uppercut, Chun does have an array of anti-air normal attacks that players can use to swat foes from the air depending on the distance and spacing of a particular jump in.

The problem is that players must constantly be cycling through which technique to use as well as gauging how early or late to actually execute it. To help her here, we would make her secondary V-Skill the back flip kick that she's had in older Street Fighter titles.

We'd give this move a fairly wide hit box so that it could catch any jump ins that were either right in front of Chun or up to the top of her head; cross ups would still beat it. We'd want to be careful not to make a single-input technique too powerful in the way of speed or follow up potential, and so this could go one of two ways.

Scenario one sees this as a move with around a 12-frame start up that allows for follow up juggles into EX Lightning Legs or Critical Art on hit. Scenario two makes it faster, perhaps around six frames for start up, but only leads to a knock down with okizeme pressure.

Vega - Rose Petals

There's probably a halfway decent chance that you can't even recall what Vega's V-Skill does off the top of your head, and that's because it really doesn't stand out or seem particularly useful for Vega's general plan of attack.

Vega spends a good amount of his time poking at his opponents not unlike Chun, but too often those pokes simply don't translate to enough damage or follow up potential to actually give the masked combatant a fighting chance. We would give him a V-Skill that directly augments his pokes by enabling him to cancel them into follow ups for additional damage and, of course, V-Gauge gain.

Vega would be able to cancel any of his normal pokes into a technique wherein he throws a handful of rose petals into his opponent's face. When the rose petals hit, Vega performs an additional lunging punch that makes for a three hit combo. This would leave him at zero frames of advantage and the players would return to neutral where Vega tends to thrive.

This V-Skill would be unsafe on block so Vega players would have to confirm their way into it. A skilled player would be able to net both extra damage and a quicker path to V-Trigger if they implemented this correctly into Vega's neutral game.

R. Mika - Mic Throw

R. Mika is scary here because even if she's not amongst SF5's absolute top tiers, she's probably the strongest of the four characters discussed today. Her current V-Skill doesn't do much for her at all. This means that giving her a more useful one will expedite the process of her reaching her incredibly powerful V-Triggers, and that's always a terrifying thought.

As a grappler, Mika usually finds herself hunting opponents down as opposed to being approached. She already has a good variety of ways to try to get close, but most all of them are gimmicky in nature and boil down to dishonest guesses.

Perhaps if she could throw her microphone in an arc, somewhat similar to the way F.A.N.G or Dhalsim's projectiles work, she could use this to keep her foes in check while taking space.

Mika would be able to throw her mic at three different trajectories, all of which see decent hang time for the projectile. We wouldn't want this to be used at all in close quarters for the purposes of mix ups on wake up, so she shouldn't be able to throw it any shorter than about a third of the screen length. Furthermore, it would be of little to no use when she has you cornered.

Mic Throw would have decently long start up as it's something that Mika would do from a good distance away anyway. Mika has proven she really doesn't need to get to her V-Triggers faster, so this is much more concerned with giving her a way in than it is building gauge.

What do you think of these ideas? Does Street Fighter 5 need new V-Skills in the first place? What would you do for these fighters, or any others that you may have a particular affinity for? Chime in with any and all answers in the comments below.

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