If Dragon Ball FighterZ's Producer could change one thing about the game, it would be her EVO 2018 performance

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • March 13, 2019 at 4:27 p.m. PDT

Dragon Ball FighterZ set the fighting game community on fire last year setting records for the fastest-selling Dragon Ball title along with a few records at EVO 2018, so it's not surprising that the developers do not seem to have many regrets for the way the game has turned out.

Push Square recently had the opportunity to sit down with DBFZ's Producer over at Bandai Namco, Tomoko Hiroki, where they asked her a wide range of topics from how characters are included to the importance of big events though there was one topic she seemed pretty invested in.

When asked what she wouuld change in Dragon Ball FighterZ if she could time travel like Trunks to the past, Hiroki replied that she'd actually change her EVO 2018 performance where the producer entered the tournament but would finish 0-2.

"[I'd change] nothing from before launch, but there is something from after which was a total embarrassment: the EVO 2018 match," said Hiroki via Push Square. "If I could change anything, I'd go back in time and practice way more before stepping into that match."

Hiroki's losers bracket match actually made it onto the stream where she took on a player by the name of Grizzly Adams. Using Vegeta, the DBFZ's producer would take down the first character of the set, but it would pretty much be all Grizzly after that point.

Typically, game developers and those involved with the teams are barred from entering any major events due to conflicts of interest and perhaps insider knowledge, but EVO appears to be the one time of year the community lets that slide in the name of fun. Last year, Tekken's Director / Producer, Katsuhiro Harada, also entered the tournament for his game while Arc System Works' President, Minoru Kidooka, joined one that was the highest voted in a poll.

Push Sqaure followed up asking if Hiroki had gotten better at playing since EVO to which she jokingly answered in the negative.

"No," said Hiroki as she buried her face in her hands. "But, since the world tour began, there's more opportunity to see better players go at it. I can kind of vicariously experience their prowess and feel like I'm getting better as a result. But, then I actually play, and that's not the case..."

It goes without saying that producers, directors and developers do not need to be as good as the professionals of the titles that we make, and it'd probably be good for both sides of the community to face off more often to make the games we enjoy even better in the future.

You can find Hiroki's full interview on Push Square, and we've already gone ahead and included her entertaining Dragon Ball FighterZ set below made better by the commentary crew of Hellpockets and PG|Kitana Prime.

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