Daigo battles Tokido for the second time, an incredibly clutch Ryu play, and Mocchan's killer F.A.N.G. — Street Fighter League day 10 highlights

HiFight brings us footage you probably missed from last night's action

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • March 11, 2019 at 9:56 a.m. PDT | Comments: 7

The Street Fighter League Powered by Rage saw its 10th day of Street Fighter 5 action this weekend with the six teams squaring off once again in a battle for points.

Taking place in Japan, this latest installment saw the following match ups: Itazan Ocean vs. Nemo Aurora, Fuudo Gaia vs. Mago Scarlet, and Umehara Gold vs. Tokido Flame. Top-level team captains went head-to-head, bringing us exciting bouts such as Tokido going up against CYG|Daigo Umehara.

For those unaware, The Street Fighter League Powered by Rage pits six teams of three against each other in a contest to earn the most points and ultimately earn some big prize money. Tokido, CYG|Daigo, CYG|Fuudo, Liquid|Nemo, DNG|Itabashi Zangief and Mago are the team captains, and joining them are two recruited players: one high ranked and the other a beginner who made the cut via an auditioning process.

Each tier of player only faces an opponent of equal status, and captains earn 3 points for a win, high-ranked get 2 points, and beginners 1 for their team.

Due to the time difference and streaming service used, there's a good chance Western audiences missed most or all of the action from this weekend. Thankfully, HiFight grabbed a handful of highlights featuring some truly great moments. (If you're not following him on Twitter already, you should definitely change that right away).

To kick things off, we have an intense play from Tokido Flame representative Hibiki. The Ryu player took on Umehara Gold Oniki's Karin, and with the Shoto's back against the wall somehow managed to stay alive and take the victory.

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Hibiki sat a single hit away from losing the game, but with impeccable defense kept Oniki's Karin back until the perfect opportunity presented itself. With a quick, true blockstring into Critical Art, Hibiki scored a chip damage KO and went 2-0 over his opponent for Team Tokido Flame. The reaction interruption of Karin's overhead was remarkable.

Mocchan of Itazan Ocean went up against Nemo Aurora's SZY|Anman this weekend also, pitting F.A.N.G. vs. Urien, respectively. F.A.N.G. is a character not seen all that often in top-level tournament play, but once he gets going it can be hard to stop him.

Such was the tale of this match up as Mocchan kept the pressure on the Urien player with endless blockstrings and big punishes. The tricky mix ups were probably the scariest thing about Mocchan's F.A.N.G., though.

Lastly, we have the clash of the titans. Whenever Daigo and Tokido — two Street Fighter legends — face off, it always feels like one of those "I have to drop everything and watch" type of cases.

The two team captains went at it for the second time in this Street Fighter League over the weekend, and the level of play was immaculate — as you'd expect.

Daigo brought Guile into the fold and Tokido fought as his trademark Akuma. What's fantastic about the clip HiFight shared is that nearly every play we see is about as optimal as it gets.

Daigo throws a Sonic Boom too close, Tokido counters it with an EX fireball to land the hit. Tokido tries to pressure with red fireball, Daigo EX Flash Kicks right through. Whatever one player does, it seemingly never goes unchecked by the other.

Tokido and Daigo fought each other on day 1 of this event and Tokido walked away the victor with a 2-0. This time around, history repeated itself.

For full, ongoing standings and results of The Street Fighter League Powered by Rage, you can check out our story here.

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