One of the Melee gods looks like he may be a problem in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate with his Inkling after taking on ZeRo

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • March 9, 2019 at 8:32 a.m. PST

Smash Ultimate Summit is going on this weekend where members from the entire Smash community — Melee, 4 and everything in between — have come together to put on a show and perhaps reveal who is the strongest contender in the new game's early life.

Before the fun started though, Alliance|Armada and Tempo|ZeRo — arguably the best / most decorated players from their respective past titles — came together and decided to run some sets in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate where the Melee god showed how much of a threat he can be.

Playing the newcomer from Splatoon, Inkling, Armada was able to take down ZeRo's Cloud and Ike with a lead of multiple stocks in some instances making him exclaim at one point "dude you're insane. What the ****? This is not even me playing bad. You're just ****ing me up. You kill me in one hit."

Though ZeRo would come back with his Wolf and Lucina picks, Armada still showed how big of a threat Inkling can be in Ultimate when used in the right hands despite not really having the best tournament results as of yet.

As you can see in the clip below from PrivateQuantum and the full stream highlight video after the jump, Inkling has great control over stage space with a variety of their tools along with some strong edge guarding plus combos and kill potential have all the makings of a character destined to be high on the tier list.

Armada will certainly be an underdog going into the singles tournament later today, but he may have a shot at winning his fifth Summit event if he can play as well as he did against ZeRo in the videos you should check out below — but be warned there is NSFW language throughout.

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Photo credit: Chris Bahn.

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