Rumor: New data mining suggests potential for five more characters and secondary V-Skills for Season 4 of Street Fighter 5

If true, SF5's story is most certainly 'not finished'

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • March 8, 2019 at 7:30 p.m. PST

We're likely just over a week away from new Street Fighter 5 information as general speculation sees Capcom coming forward with an announcement at Final Round, but new data mining might give us a foundational idea of what to expect for SF5 this year.

This all comes from a Resetera post by a user named Yurinka, who seems to have found bread crumb trails leading to five new characters for Street Fighter 5. It also appears as though secondary V-Skills may be en route, as well as a plethora of Extra Battles, alternate costumes, and a few new stages.

As we've seen in recent years, data mining is not an exact science. Most notably here on EventHubs we've seen miner X-Kira come forward with quite a few claims, some of which have been hits, some misses. What's more, even when a basic idea is correctly identified via data mining, it's not always clear as to how or when said idea will manifest in-game.

Take Dojo Mode, for instance, which X-Kira brought up back in October of 2016 as "Dan's Dojo." This didn't come to fruition until later in 2018 and appeared significantly differently from what X-Kira's early findings led us to envision.

Capcom also reportedly puts false or misleading data in their code to throw off data miners, so they're not easily aware of what's coming down the pike.

With that grain of salt packed safely under our tongue, let's take a look at the details presented by Yurinka. Below you'll find an image of the code they've mined with specific notes on the more significant bits that seem to point to five new characters coming. This image comes with the following text from the miner.

"Thanks to a script made by Loïc Petit (WydD) now uasset files are easier to read for me and thanks to a suggestion from X-Kira I found more PC public client data mining stuff related to the next 5 characters in the files of the most recent SF5:AE update... Basically the news are that there are placeholders in several places of the game for the next 5 characters. Seems they already made some arcade mode related job for them and that -maybe- the first we'll see may be first the one code named Z33 and after that Z34."

Yurinka Data Mining image #1
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Here is some of the most pertinent text out of Yurinka's main post.

Character additions and changes: at least 5 characters seem to be coming, (after Kage) the next ones have the character codenames Z33 and Z34. Some move inputs for existing characters may change and V-Skill selection may be added:

• Another hint of next 5 characters I already spotted in a V-Trigger related file: There is a list of unused weekly missions where for each character there are two missions: one to perform their Critical Art and another one of their special attacks. They added 10 placeholders (ID_SYS_Chal_Targ_T2089 to T2098) after Kage (5 characters)

• Kage had the Z32 placeholder character codename and the next one (Z33) was already mentioned in the previous version's localization file. In v4.020 they also added Z34 to the localization file

• Added to the command list of some existing characters variations of some existing moves (like "HOLD BUTTON" or "(CHANGES DURING V-TRIGGER)(WHEN HOLDING THE BUTTON, PERFORM A BACK DASH TO CANCEL)", changed EX Kunai for EX L.

• Mention in -Japanese only- to V-Skill I, V-Skill II and number of times that V-Skill has been selected.

If you're feeling a bit lost from all the technical jargon, here's a recent video from Vesper Arcade wherein he puts some of this information in more straightforward and easy-to-digest terms.

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