Poll results: Which Street Fighter series is your favorite?

Did Arcade Edition give Street Fighter 5 the edge over any of the competition?

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • March 9, 2019 at 3:35 p.m. PST | Comments: 233

Update: The results are in. Hit the jump below to check out which Street Fighter game came out on top.

Earlier: During our most recent episode of the EventHubs Podcast, Catalyst made a statement that caught me a bit off guard. While speaking about the now three years worth of history that Street Fighter 5 has seen, Catalyst stated plainly that SF5 is currently his favorite of all Street Fighter titles.

There's little doubt that the latest franchise entry gets more hate than it probably deserves, but it's very rare that we hear players that have been FGC members since the days of Street Fighter 2 deem SF5 a more enjoyable experience than any of the previous titles.

As we've been exploring in the past week here on the site, Street Fighter 5 has leveled up immensely since its earlier days. After an input lag reduction or two, multiple balance patches, the addition of a handful of new and much-needed modes and more, Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition surely represents a more complete and entertaining experience than did Vanilla.

We actually ran a poll back in early 2017 asking which Street Fighter series was our readers' favorite (we used "series" so as to conflate all updates into one choice). Street Fighter 5 came in fourth place under SF3, SF4 and the Alpha series.

This was all before the updates that Arcade Edition brought, and we figured that perhaps times and perceptions have changed in the last two years. That all stated, we following up with a 2019 poll asking what your favorite series is.

Continue on to offer your two cents (you can vote for two series) and see how others are voting. We chose not to include the Street Fighter The Movie The Game game because you know as well as we do that it'd attract all the trolls.

Which Street Fighter series is your favorite?

1. Street Fighter 4: 402 votes / 30.1%
2. Street Fighter 3: 297 votes / 22.3%
3. Street Fighter Alpha: 247 votes / 18.5%
4. Street Fighter 2: 177 votes / 13.3%
5. Street Fighter 5: 176 votes / 13.2%
6. Street Fighter EX: 35 votes / 2.6%

Total votes: 1,334

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