Lethal League Blaze launches on July 12 for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • June 27, 2019 at 6:53 a.m. PDT | Comments: 27

Lethal League is a good bit outside of the standard realm of fighting games, yet it found a dedicated audience withing the FGC that continues to engage and spread the word of this hype-inducing series.

The developers over at Team Reptile have revealed that the game's sequel, Lethal League Blaze, will be making its debut on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One on July 12 for the self-described 'projectile-fighting game.'

Instead of striking your opponents directly, Lethal League Blaze is centered around hitting a baseball around a stage in what amounts to something of a hybrid between pong and Super Smash Bros. where characters continue to make the ball go faster and faster until one — or three — players can no longer keep up.

The selectable roster also adds an extra layer of depth as each 'fighter' has unique abilities that allow them to do even trickier stuff with the ball like hold it in their mouth and spit it back out, shoot it through a portal, make it curve at odd angles and much more.

Blaze adds on top of its predecessor with new characters, different modes to play the game and many new features to keep parties entertained and tournaments with escalating stakes.

Lethal League Blaze first launched on PC in October 2018 where it has an 'overwhelmingly positive' review score on Steam. It's base price on PC is $19.99 USD, so it's safe to expect something similar for the upcoming console release. You can check out a new trailer for the projectile fighter below.

Lethal League Blaze Overview

Lethal League Blaze is an intense, high speed ball game, with unique characters, outta sight sounds and none of that weak shit. In Shine City, the anti-gravity ball game has long been illegal. The group who kept playing was dubbed the Lethal League. Even now, with their sport pushed underground, players and crews compete in the League for challenge and respect.

In the game, the goal is to beat your opponents with the ball. You can manipulate the ball to get the perfect angle and use your character's special moves to surprise them. But every strike speeds up the ball or even doubles its speed, up to shatteringly extreme velocities. You can tag the ball to your color, but on those high speeds the tables are quickly turned. You can play locally with friends and foes, by yourself in the single-player modes or battle it out online!


Up to 4 players: Play locally AND online with up to 4 players.

Easy to pick up, hard to master gameplay: Start off simply hitting the ball faster and faster back and forth. Improve by learning how to use Smashes, Bunts and Special Abilities to your advantage. Then go further beyond with parries and countering with throws ending with the pure psychological goodness: taunts.

Tons of unlockable extras and secrets: Unlock characters and their outfits as you play. New modes and stages are in there too and even the soundtrack can be unlocked to play at leisure.

Play on your own: Step up to the plate by yourself and beat a series of opponents in the Arcade Mode to reach the beat-blasting bossfight. Then check out the event-based Story Mode that has you playing all sides of the going-downs in Shine City.

Modes and options: Pick your preferred style of play like with HP, one-shot kill or points. And then there are game modes like Strikers, using goals, and something called Lethal Volley...

Wicked Tracks: A Breakbeat, Hip-Hop and House soundtrack featuring the likes of Hideki Naganuma, Frank Klepacki, Pixelord, Bignic and of course Klaus Veen.

Lethal League Blaze is the sequel to the popular projectile-fighting game Lethal League known for it's ridiculous speeds and hitstun, the original game was intense to watch and intenser to play. This time around there will be double the characters at launch and more to come after.

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