Capcom updates their Street Fighter Pro Tour rules following the recent ban of Daigo Umehara's custom hitbox controller

The Street Fighter makers clarify their previous ruling

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • June 22, 2019 at 7:36 a.m. PDT | Comments: 33

Last month saw a bit of an odd occurrence happen at one of the biggest fighting game majors of the year at Combo Breaker 2019 where Capcom appeared to ban the use of CYG|Daigo Umehara's custom controller because of its input methods though their ruling wasn't absolutely clear at the time.

Now, Capcom has officially updated their Capcom Pro Tour rule set for the rest of 2019 which sees a large amount of clarification put forth as to what is and is not legal to use on custom controllers at big Street Fighter 5 tournaments.

The biggest addition to the rules dives deeper into what the company views as fair and in the spirit of the CPT as far as customizing inputs and how the controller / game responds to certain situations. For example, they set a maximum limit of eight attack commands and four directional commands that cannot have overlap between the inputs.

Capcom also clarifies that if both right and left are pressed at the same time, the controller needs to either maintain both inputs or abandon them. This should mean in pretty much all cases that the game should read the input as neutral for directions though if up and down are inputted simultaneously, the controller can keep the upward direction.

This appears to clarify the issue surrounding Daigo's "Gafrobox" controller which would allow players to overwrite inputs with the most recently pressed button meaning that a character like Guile could charge back and then simply press forward plus attack without letting go of back to fire off a Sonic Boom. This would then allow Guile to immediately begin charging or blocking once forward was released.

At Combo Breaker 2019, Capcom made the last-minute decision to ban Umehara's controller with the stipulation that tournaments' local rule sets would be the determining factor for legality in the future if the company hadn't ruled on a matter.

Thanks to the Wayback Machine internet archive, we can see what exactly was added since its most recent capture on May 28, 2019. You can check out the updated CPT rules for controllers below where the new information begins after subsection "d."

Official Capcom Pro Tour Controller Rules as of June 22, 2019

  1. Players are allowed to use the controller of their preference.
  2. Use of macros, turbos, or any peripheral which tampers with standard game functionality is prohibited.
  3. If the controller is not immediately recognized by the PC or PlayStation 4 after connection, Capcom MV or the tournament organizer will propose advancing the matches with a substitute controller. In this case, the player must play with the substitute controller.
  4. Below are the proposed controllers
    1. PlayStation4 Wireless Controller(Dualshock 4)CUH-ZCT1 or CUH-ZCT2
    2. Razer Panthera Street Fighter 5 Edition

    New Rules

  5. Capcom MV and/or the tournament organizer will have the right to check the controller at any time during the tournament. If the player’s preferred controller is denied of use, they must play with the proposed substitute controller.
  6. Keyboard is allowed to use when the tournament is held on Steam platform. When Steam is used as a platform for offline tournaments and in case both players desire to use keyboards, both are allowed to use keyboards by utilizing two PC with Battle Lounge under internet-enabled environment that can access CFN ("Online Environment"). This is due to the fact one PC cannot take two or more keyboards for playing. When there is no possible arrangement for online matches, both players must accept to play with proposed controllers.
  7. The principle of controllers at CPT

    CMV will not limit cosmetic or functional controller customizations providing fairness is maintained. Additionally, we recognize certain customizations may be required so that players with physical impairments can compete.

    Customization includes, but is not limited to the repositioning of buttons and inputs as well as the creation of a custom controller from scratch. However any customization beyond the capibilities of a standard PS4 Dualshock 4 is not recommended.

    When Capcom MV or the tournament organizer finds the controllers against the rule during CPT matches, they have the right to stop the use of controllers, and switch with proposed ones. In that case, the tournament organizer must explain sufficiently to the player.

    Customizing controllers

    Limited customization is permitted as long as fairness is maintained, therefore:

    1. The maximum amount of attack command inputs is eight (8), and it is prohibited to assign the same command into multiple buttons. E.g., you cannot assign the same attacking command in two (2) different buttons. When using the controller with more than eight (8) attacking inputs, a player must take action to deactivate those inputs. The L3 and R3 buttons on Dualshock 4 are the exceptions since these are not the attacking inputs.
    2. The maximum amount of directional command input is four (4), and it is prohibited to put the same command into multiple buttons. E.g., you cannot assign the same directional command in two (2) different buttons.
    3. When assigning a directional command to a button, instead of a Directional Button on Dualshock, directional lever or analog stick, it is called a move button. A controller can have both move button and a lever at simultaneously, however, the controller must give up the corresponding input on the lever . E.g. when you assign the upward action into a move button, you must lose the upward input with lever.
    4. A controller can have an analog stick along with Directional Buttons on Dualshock, a lever or direction buttons. However, the inputs from directional actions with analog stick must stay on analog. E.g. it is prohibited to convert mechanical ability of analog stick to lever or buttons.
    5. When both Right and Left directional keys are input at the same time, a controller has to either maintain both of the inputs or abandon both.
      1. When both Upward and Downward directional keys are input at the same time, it is recommended that a controller has to either maintain both of the inputs or abandon of both. However, it is exceptionally allowed a controller to take Upward directional only when both Upward and Downward directional keys were input at the same time, by respecting the history of FGC and CPT operations. Capcom MV reserves the right to revoke/adjust this exception at CPT.
    6. Above rules will be applied to keyboards as well.

Source: Capcom Pro Tour.
Image source: Daigo the BeasTV.

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