Tiers through the years: A look back over the evolution of Street Fighter 5's tier charts from 2016 to present day

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Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • June 21, 2019 at 2:30 p.m. PDT | Comments: 33

[Re]member back in Season 2 when Urien's Aegis Reflector caused you to get up and look into an actual mirror to contemplate why you were spending valuable hours of your life trying win against him? During that same year Laura's standing medium kick (paired with her V-Trigger capabilities) made it so that no one wanted any part of the Brazilian beauty.

We'd be oh so remiss if we didn't bring up Balrog's ability to ease his way into incredibly strong V-Trigger 50/50's that so often melted life bars down to nothing. Sounds like the powerhouses of Street Fighter 5's second year are pretty clear, but we thought it might be fun to take a gander back over the tier list archives and see who was on top as the chapters of SF5 unfolded.

In the three-image gallery below you'll find the EventHubs tier chart snap shots from right before we reset our tiers (which we routinely do after any major balance update) as well as a snapshot of where the list stands as of today.

Keep in mind that these are community-voted tier charts, so they're a mix of players hailing from many different skill levels and points of view. It's also important to remember that Street Fighter 5 has undergone some significant changes in the way of general mechanics and allowances.

Characters with an invincible reversals didn't need to spend EX meter to garner invincibility in Season 1, for example, and the input lag reduction in October of 2018 surely shook things up quite a bit. Also, the nerfing of anti-air jabs and throw loops in Season 2 may have been more impactful to some characters than the introduction of secondary V-Triggers in Arcade Edition.

Our eyes are likely going to naturally gravitate to the top of these lists first, but don't forget to see which characters were regarded as bottom of the barrel (Alex has never been above bottom 5 since his release) as you peruse.

Tiers Over The Years image #1 Tiers Over The Years image #2 Tiers Over The Years image #3
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Disagree with what things look like right now? You can always head over to our SF5 tier page to actively vote on the match ups you're most familiar with and make things that much more accurate.

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