The evil incarnate demonic entity with the power to warp reality itself: Who is Janemba and why is Dragon Ball FighterZ next character so popular?

He has the potential to be the coolest character yet

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • June 27, 2019 at 7:40 p.m. PDT

We now appear to be in the know as to the identities of the entire roster of Dragon Ball FighterZ's second season of DLC characters, but the one coming up next is the one that many fans have been excited about since the title's initial reveal.

Though we have yet to see what he looks like in the game, Microsoft did confirm that the Dragon Ball Z movie villain, Janemba, will be following after Kid Goku, who released in May. Let's take a look at who the being made of pure evil really is, what makes him stand out and what moves he'll likely have in the fighting game.

Janemba is the main antagonist of DBZ's 12th movie, known as Fusion Reborn in the West and The Revival of Fusion Goku and Vegeta elsewhere, where he has two main forms though his final / super form will be the one we get to play as.

Taking a look back at the character almost 20 years after his movie's initial release makes it apparent that Janemba is quite similar to Majin Buu in multiple ways from starting out as a large, childish figure to becoming a more serious and menacing villain who only wishes for destruction and to satisfy their own wants.

He feels almost like a re-do of the final DBZ villain though what he lacks in personality, he makes up for with his unique abilities to warp and distort the fabric of reality itself and change it to his own will — which could make for a really cool fighting game toolset.

Let's start below with what exactly the character of Janemba is.

Just Who or What is Janemba?

In the Fusion Reborn film, Janemba isn't a singular character / entity per se as he represents all of the evil energy that the soul-cleansing machine in the afterlife has collected — possibly since the dawn of time — at King Yemma's place. One mishap by a slacking ogre / oni releases all of that energy into the teen and transforms him into a giant yellow monster that can only say 'Janemba.'

The demonic entity then begins to warp the realm of the afterlife filling it with jelly bean-like orbs which has its ramifications for the realm of the living, as it essentially unleashes an army of the undead upon Earth including zombies and what appear to be Nazis — though that part isn't as important to our story.

Goku and Pikkon are dispatched to stop whatever is causing the dimensional disturbance only to stumble across the jubilant and childish Janemba along with a trapped King Yemma. Our hero leads the giant down to hell to fight properly sensing that he has the potential to destroy the whole universe in just his initial state.

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It took an epic transformation into Super Saiyan 3 for Goku to initially defeat Janemba, though that would unleash the demon's true powers. Slimming down to a more human size, Janemba's skin changes from yellow to red with a piercing stare and menacing grin.

With his newly unlocked final form came the ability for Janemba to gain full control over his powers — mostly — which allowed the demon to overpower the strongest Super Saiyan form we'd seen up to that point.

Deconstructing his body at will to avoid damage and immediately go on the offensive, on top of the fact that he could also open up dimensional portals to completely redirect them to wherever he chooses, made him a seemingly unstoppable force .

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His most iconic scenes, though, pretty much revolve around his sword that shares the same color scheme and powers as his main body. Created by picking up one of the Hell ogre's clubs, Janemba uses his reality-changing abilities to craft a sword which he then uses to emit what looks like projectile blade beams with every swing that appear to simply slice through reality and solid objects.

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Why Does Janemba Matter?

Janemba stands out among the crowd of old Dragon Ball Z movie villains and villains in general considering he's not a giant beast — unless you count his first form — and he doesn't rely on giant energy clashes to try and defeat his opponents.

While he's not the smartest character — though who in Dragon Ball is — Janemba does use his already cool powers in ways that pretty much no one else does until we got to Super with characters like Beerus, Whis and Zamasu.

He's also one of the few fighters that actually wields a weapon in battle, which automatically gives him a few extra points, although we don't exactly ever see him directly slashing anyone with it.

Also given his inability to talk and fairly shallow look into his origins and personality, fans plus other Dragon Ball creators are left with some vagueness or mystery that have been used to delve deeper into the evil being in ways that expand upon his original appearance like his role as the resurrected main antagonist of Dragon Ball Z Shin Budokai.

What Moves Should Make it into Dragon Ball FighterZ?

Dragon Ball FighterZ already features the majority of the series' major antagonists, but Janemba himself has access to some moves that Arc System Works could really take advantage of if they can figure out how to properly turn them into mechanics.

The horned creatures biggest draw is his ability to bend and tear reality, but it'll probably not be simple to bake that into a traditional fighting game set. The easiest way to incorporate these moves would likely be locking them away into canned animations during a counter, auto combo or super though I think it could be used as something else too.

I'd personally like to see them use his powers to place dimensional traps around the screen that he could attack through if someone gets too close or have a special that has a projectile go into a portal and come out from a different side of the screen depending on what version was used.

While we only see him use it during his initial large form, Janemba has the ability to split himself into smaller copies to attack with numbers as something similar to Cell Jr. which I believe could also easily be worked into a fighting game too.

Like Piccolo and a few others, he can also extend his limbs to great lengths, so it'd also be neat to see that incorporated potentially combined with his portals to get creative and do something like cover the screen in punches.

Janemba will obviously have his sword to swing around too which means that his cutting blade beams will likely be one of his main projectile tools.

As for Supers, there's a good chance he'll have a counter attack that'll make him de-materialize and appear behind the opponent along with some dimension cutting with his blade or trapping people in his orb that he could then crush or slice up.

Gogeta was ultimately his downfall at the end of the movie, and he'll be appearing later this season as DLC as well, so hopefully we get a cool Dramatic Finish scene with the fused hero using Stardust Breaker on the baddie, which seems like a given at this point.

What would you like to see for Janemba as far as Dragon Ball FighterZ goes? Let us know in the comments what you'd do with the next fighter.

Image and clip source: Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn.

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