Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour 2019/2020 season details revealed, first stop at CEO

$80,000 on the line at finals next year

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Bandai Namco launched their second successful world tour for fighting games last year with Dragon Ball FighterZ, and now we know when it's going to be starting up for its new season with some pretty big changes from last year.

Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour 2019/2020 will be starting up shortly where 16 of the world's best players will come together to fight it out in a grand tournament next year minus the seven dragon balls gimmick of the first year while switching up how entrants are decided.

There will be only three Saga events this year as opposed to the seven last year, but to make up for it, Bandai Namco is adding Tenkaichi tournaments to the mix that will bring more opportunities to earn points to make it to the finals in 2020.

Players who win a Saga event, EVO 2019, Redbull Saga Spain 2019 or Redbull Saga Japan 2020, will earn an automatic spot in the finals where the next 12 slots will be earned through points gained at these offline tournaments throughout the year.

The online and radar portions of the tour appear to be gone for this year, but the Saga and Finals feature higher pay outs seemingly as a bit of a trade off. Saga events will feature a $10,000 pot bonus now instead of $5,000 last year while the finals prize pool has jumped from $25,000 up to $80,000. Tenkaichi events will apparently receive a $1,000 bonus.

For the first run of the world tour, players competed for dragon balls at the Saga events that would grant them entry to the finals. GGP|Kazunoko ended up winning four of those events which led to four Last Chance Qualifier tournaments being run back to back to determine the remaining finalists. That will not be returning this year.

There will be only one spot for a last chance qualifier determined before the finals which will take place in France next year instead of Los Angeles, California.

Only CEO has been revealed as a Tenkaichi event thus far, as the company says that they'll announce more information for that part of the tour at a later date though last year actually included over two dozen tournaments its first year. You can check out their official teaser trailer below.

Confirmed Events for Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour 2019/2020

Event Status Date
Prize Pool/Bonus
CEO 2019 Tenkaichi 6/28–6/30 $1,000
EVO 2019 Saga 8/2–8/4 $10,000
Redbull Spain 2019 Saga TBD $10,000
Redbull Japan 2020 Saga TBD TBD
World Tour Finals Finals TBD $80,000

Source: Bandai Namco.
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