Battling bulldozers, a Les Misérables fighter, THAT Star Wars game, and more; seven incredibly weird fighting games that actually exist

Before there was ARMS we had... BALLZ

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • June 14, 2019 at 6:05 p.m. PDT

It's fairly well documented that in days after Street Fighter 2's booming success, a great many copycats flooded the fighting game market in hopes to make a quick buck. Most quickly faded into obscurity, but some were so out of left field that they give us the gift of entertainment as we marvel at their mere existence.

OusideXbox has rounded up seven such titles from the less explored annals of fighting game history, and has graciously shared them with us in one of their videos.

We won't spoil them all for you here in the build up, but we do want to point out one in particular that actually seems quite well-made... at least when it comes to acknowledging the source material.

Arm Joe is a computer game developed by Takase back in 1998 that is based directly and unequivicoally on Victor Hugo's Les Misérables. It features characters like Valjean, Eponine, and Javert as they exchange fisticuffs amidst the backdrop of the trials and tribulations people underwent in 1800's France.

You wouldn't at all think a musical about the hard times that followed the French Revolution would ever be meshed together with the likes of Street Fighter, but you'd also be very wrong.

The callbacks and references are both intricate and accurate. Take Marius' ultra combo, which sees him summon all of his revolutionary friends (referenced in the song "Empty Charis at Empty Tables") to help him beat down his opponent:

Click image for animated version. Be sure to click the sound on.

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