Super Smash Bros. Ultimate appears to cross 2,000 entrants for EVO 2019 while 4 others have surpassed the 1,000 milestone

Are we going to beat 2018?

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • June 9, 2019 at 8:59 a.m. PDT

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate appears to be the big draw to EVO 2019 which would make three different most-entered games in three years with Dragon Ball FighterZ and Street Fighter 5 coming before it, and it's looking poised to soon overtake DBFZ's entrant count from last year.

EVO's Joey 'Mr. Wizard' Cuellar has taken to Twitter to provide another entrant number update for the massive event revealing that one title has already surpassed 2,000 competitors while half of the others on the mainstage have also crossed into quadruple digits as well.

He did not say exactly which games have reached what milestone, but given Cuellar's June leaderboard update just last week, it's safe to assume that Smash Ultimate is making the big splash into 2,000 players just under two months before things kick off in August.

As for the other four games, the June update would lead us to believe that those spots belong to Street Fighter 5, Tekken 7, Mortal Kombat 11 and Samurai Shodown unless things have changed since then. That would leave Under Night In-Birth, Dragon Ball FighterZ, Soul Calibur 6 and BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle still sitting below that mark.

EVO 2018 featured six of its eight titles with over 1,000 entrants, so it's looking like this year will easily catch up and quite possibly surpass its predecessor though I think it's going to be hard to top 2016 and the launch of Street Fighter 5 any time soon.

Dragon Ball FighterZ peaked last year at 2,530 entries which means that at most Smash Ultimate is only around 500 behind the previous leader with plenty of time left to go.

This appears to be a good indication that the horizons in the fighting game community are broadening with a multitude of high-caliber titles currently on the market and pulling in big crowds though we won't know for sure about the growth until the final numbers are posted.

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EVO 2018's entrant numbers

1) DragonBall FighterZ - 2,530
2) Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition - 2,421
3) Tekken 7 - 1,504
4) Super Smash Bros. for WiiU - 1,303
5) Super Smash Bros. Melee - 1,302
6) BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle - 1,148
7) Guilty Gear Xrd: Rev 2 - 621
8) Injustice 2 - 356

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