Super Smash Bros. Ultimate World Championship 2019 3v3 results

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Update: This story has been updated with final results.

Before they officially kick off their E3 announcements on Tuesday, Nintendo is hosting the 2019 World Championships for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Splatoon 2 along with an invitational for Super Mario Maker 2.

The Super Smash Bros. portion of the event will be represented by four teams who qualified from around the world including some top-class players including GW|Zackray, myR|Light, Wrath, Devonte, Poltergust, Konbu, SirJon, myR|RobinGG, Kuro, Ghost, SebPro101, Ichigo, PillowTalk, DTFaux, akasa and Thunda.

For the Nintendo World Championship format, teams will are divided into countries / regions where the primary brackets will go down as 3v3 Squad Strike Tag Team where items are set to low — except for Poké Balls, Master Balls, and Assist Trophies.

The action is scheduled to kick off in Smash at 2 p.m. PDT with a seeding round comprised of singles and doubles matches before getting into the bracket rounds which will switch over to Squad Strike.

Team USA is made up of Devonte, Wrath, Poltergust and DTFaux. Team Japan features Konbu, Zackray, Kuro and akasa. The members of Team Europe includes SirJon, Light, RobinGG and Thunda. Finally, Team Australia / New Zealand is comprised of Ghost, Sebpro101, Ichigo and PillowTalk. Note: the final players listed for each team are alternates.

You can find the full schedule for the Nintendo World Championships 2019 below. Streaming will be done on Nintendo's official Twitch channel.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate — Results

1. Team Japan
- Konbu (Roy, Mii Swordfighter, Chrom)
- Zackray (Pokémon Trainer, Joker, Wario, Wolf)
- Kuro (Zero Suit Samus, Dark Pit, Fox, Pit)
- Akasa (Wolf, Joker, Cloud, Lucina)

2. Team Europe
- SirJon (Zero Suit Samus, Lucina, Palutena)
- myR|Light (Palutena, Sheik, Mario, Lucina)
- RobinGG (Peach, Wii Fit Trainer, Daisy, Palutena)
- Thunda

3. Team USA
- Devonte (Wario, Rosalina & Luma, Mario)
- Wrath (Joker, Sonic, Inkling)
- Poltergust (Yoshi, Wii Fit Trainer, Pac-Man)
- DTFaux

4. Team Australia/New Zealand
- Ghost (Joker, Daisy, Peach)
- SebPro101 (R.O.B., Pokémon Trainer, Inkling)
- Ichigo (Ike, Pit, Dark Pit)
- PillowTalk (Bayonetta)

Event Schedule

Nintendo World Championships image #1 Nintendo World Championships image #2
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