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Hey that weird guy in a mask is back and looks like he's eating people: Tam Tam receives his character introduction trailer for Samurai Shodown

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • June 6, 2019 at 1:12 p.m. PDT • Comments: 27

In less than three weeks now, we'll all be playing SNK's latest return to the fighting game genre in Samurai Shodown, but the company is continuing their trend of tiding us over with new character introduction trailers.

This week's honors go to perhaps the strangest fighter on the roster in the mask-wearing Tam Tam returning with all of his old tricks and maybe a brutal new one or two.

While the scimitar is technically his main weapon of choice, Tam Tam does also have the ability to spit out fire balls and throw stones at the opponent, and he'll use his deceptive reach to cut or grab you when you least expect it — that may lead to him taking a bite or two out of your character.

The SamSho veteran also appears to have a Super move that summons a giant totem out of the ground that effectively impales his foes as tiny villagers dance around the blood-gushing tower of death.

Tam Tam appeared in the original Samurai Shodown, but has been replaced on multiple occasions including by his sister, Cham Cham, in SamSho 2 and a successor in SamSho 5 that tries to revive the original.

Samurai Shodown is scheduled to launch on June 25 in the West on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One where early adopters will receive its first Season Pass for free. You can take a look at Tam Tam's trailer below along with the previous looks at Yoshitora, Yashamaru Kurama, Genjuro, Haohmaru, Shiki, Darli Dagger, Nakoruru, Charlotte and Ukyo. Be aware there is NSFW violence and blood in these trailers.

Tam Tam trailer image #1 Tam Tam trailer image #2 Tam Tam trailer image #3 Tam Tam trailer image #4 Tam Tam trailer image #5 Tam Tam trailer image #6
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