Rumor: Classic N64 character hinted for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate by credible leaker

'Smashing' good time? That's... subtle

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E3 2019 is just a week away. I'm sure all Smash fans knows what that means. As a result, rumors and supposed leaks are running rampant on the internet about the next newcomer for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

It's extremely likely that Nintendo will be revealing the next character for the Fighters Pass during their announced Nintendo Direct program that will air on June 11th at 9 a.m. PDT / 12:00 p.m. EDT. A credible leaker recently dropped a... subtle hint about the identity of at least one of the reveals.

"Been awhile since we saw Banjo in anything," said Resetera admin Shinobi602. "Hope we're in for a smashing good time."

Why is it significant that this particular individual is making a statement like this? Many of his subtle hints of the past ended up ringing true when official information was unveiled.

"Been awhile since we saw Banjo in anything. Hope we're in for a smashing good time." — Shinobi602

As pointed out by keen eyed speculators, Shinobi602 either hinted or leaked that God of War's 2018 title would reside in a Norse mythology, Call of Duty 2017's setting was World War 2, and that Ridley would be in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate before the terror was shown at E3 2018.

The perception is that this individual has a number of inside sources within the video game industry. It's a logical explanation as to why his hints and leaks have been on point so often.

Seemingly coincidentally, Exquisite Gaming tweeted that they were excited to "bring back Banjo" and that it wouldn't be "long till [they] officially announce." They did this while showing off an image of some Banjo merchandise.

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The idea that Banjo and Kazooie could potentially join the roster of a Super Smash Bros. series roster seemed very far-fetched a few years ago This was because Microsoft are the intellectual property owners of the iconic mascots.

Still, there have been a number of signs that this concept isn't entirely impossible. Phil Spencer, the Executive Vice President of Gaming at Microsoft, has stated that he'd be open to Banjo and Kazooie joining Super Smash Bros. and still was as of 2018.

It's also been extremely interesting seeing Microsoft and Nintendo working together for specific projects. They'd launched a joint effort with Nintendo to rally support for crossplay features across all consoles and pushed to have Cuphead ported to the Nintendo Switch.

Come next week at E3 2019, we'll likely know the truth of this matter.

Sources: Resetera via GameXplain.

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