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Arika debuts footage of Fighting EX Layer's next character, Area

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • June 3, 2019 at 8:59 a.m. PDT • Comments: 36

Arika, the company behind Fighting EX Layer, has debuted footage of a new character expected to join the game. Today, fans were given a look at Area in action.

The clips weren't very long — coming in the form of two one minute-long videos — but they do show quite a bit of what the upcoming fighter can do.

Area fights using the large fist she has equipped on her arm. As we see in the footage, she has the ability to fire it off as a projectile (that becomes a drill), place it down on the ground as a stationary hazard, and more.

Last we heard about Area, she had been delayed from her initial May release to later in June or July. Back in April, when Arika president Akira Nishitani made that announcement, he noted that he was unsure if Area would be released at all.

Though we see footage of her in the game now, as well as a place for her on the character select screen, it looks like Area's future in Fighting EX Layer is still up in the air.

The official Fighting EX Layer Twitter account put out a tweet today among the bits of footage saying that the game's next character is still an unsure prospect. "The release of the AREA is still undecided, but I'm working hard. Please provide some support," the FEXL account wrote.

For now, you can get a glimpse of Area in Fighting EX Layer with the videos and images below.

Area in Fighting EX Layer image #1 Area in Fighting EX Layer image #2
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